TRIPLETS!!! Should I worry or be happy? *LONG*

  1. I thought I was having twins because at the six weeks ultrasound the OB/GYN saw two heartbeats. This I LOVED!

    Today, there were THREE. I'm still a little perplexed, so I apologize if this post is a bit scattered. All the hearbeats are strong and the babies' measurements are 1-5 days ahead of schedule.

    I worry because --as I undestand them-- the risks associated with higher order multiples include almost certain premature birth, potential gestational diabetes, a need for a c-section etc.

    I'm not worried about the difficult pregnancy: I can do anything for 7-9 months. But it terrifies me to think of my babies in NICU, for instance.

    What would you ladies do next? Schedule an appointment with a perinatal ob/gyn? Continue going to your regular ob/gyn until the end of the first trimester? Anything else? Also, has anyone else had any experience with triplets (or more)? Did it turn out OK?

    TIA :heart:!!!
  2. CONGRATS cubed!!!
    I'd ask for her referral to a Perinatologist straight away personally.
    Twins are pretty common, but triplets and higher not as much.
    PM me, I can refer you to a great Forum for twins and more.
    The survival rate is pretty great for triplets, chances are you won't go past 34 or so weeks and you'll liely be on bedrest for a large portion towards the end.

    Are you working now?
  3. Thanks Swanky!

    I work for a family law firm but I am doing research and they have no problem with me doing it from home. My husband and I have been trying to start a family for a little over a year and it's our first priority, so I probably won't even be doing research for long...

    I'll call for a referral right now... it does make the most sense.
  4. emma, just curious, and you don't have to answer if the question is too personal...were you on fertility drugs when you got preggers or did you conceive naturally?
  5. a BIG congrats by the way! :heart:
  6. WOW!
    Most moms of triplets dont carry full term...I used to work in a city hospital in the delivery room.Most triplets are born by week 33-35.and alot need to be on bedrest at the end.3 babies is ALOT of weight to get comfy shoes and clothing!!!!
    SOOOO happy for u!
  7. triplets... omg, how exciting! Congratulations!!!!!! I am so excited for you!!!!
  8. CONGRATS!!!!!!

  9. Wow - congratulations!
    I have good friends who had triplets. They are perfetly healthy amazing 3 year olds now! They are a coupld of moths younger than my son so Sarah and I were preggers at the same time =)

    Of course you are going to be worried - every mother is and you have this times 3! Sarah's husband didn't go to work for 3 days after they found out - he just sat and stared at the wall - LOL.

    See if there's a twin and triplet club in your area and join that - or find one on the internet.

    The fist year was a total blur for my friend - soooo sleep deprived. But now it's amazing and her children are sooo sweet and well behaved and I think this has to do woth them being triplets - they care for some another so much.

  10. Thank you so much ladies! My head is spinning with all this right now (three babies at once???) but I guess it's good spinning since we went through a lot to conceive... I've made an appointment with a high-risk ob/gyn and I'll keep everyone posted about our consultation once it happens (on August 6th). I have my last appointment with my regular ob/gyn this upcoming Friday... and keeping my fingers crossed!

    Thanks again to everyone that took the time to read all this --and answer!!!
  11. Thanks Nyria it's so reassuring to know that your friend's little ones turned out O.K. I worry about long-term problems resulting from premature delivery... :sweatdrop: and, yeah, my husband seems a bit fazed after seeing the u/s today, too lol.

    P.S. Your two boys are adorable!!!
  12. OMG!! CONGRATS!! My DH would have flipped at 2, but 3! I am so happy for you!
  13. Congratulations!!! Understand how you feel, since you mentioned you went through a lot to conceive. Seeing a Peri is the right thing to do (in addition to your OB), that's what they are specialized to do. Like the others have said, the outlooks for triples are very good and even though they will be premature as long as you are being cared for by the right professionals you and your babies will be fine.

    Glad you can work out an easy work schedule, that helps a lot. Hope you have a healthy and happy pregnancy!
  14. Congrats, get a specialist referral and enjoy this amazing gift!:yahoo:
  15. Congrats! It must be so amazing for you!!! :biggrin: Best wishes emmalawyer! :yes: