Triplets... again!

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  1. It was my birthday last week and I had waited for these babies since I saw them in the Fall preview so I went on a hunt for the raisin and teal and scored big! No big reveal. Just a pic of my new triplets. Madison Brynne in black python embossed leather, raisin and teal. I included a pic of the lining for your enjoyment... :graucho: Thanks for looking!

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  2. Gorgeous! Congratulations ;)
    Are you keeping all three? I want the Raisin.
  4. OH WOW!!! Love those colors. Congrats:yahoo:
  5. Oooooooo lala!!! Those are gorgeous!!! Love the black :love: Congrats and enjoy those beauties :yahoo::dothewave::ps:
  6. :nuts: OH MY GOSH!!! Those are BEAUTIFUL triplets!! You lucky girl!

    You already had the black, right? Please tell me you didn't find her at the outlet. Did you find the raisin and teal just last week! Great score, congrats!

    Happy Birthday! :Partyhat::party:
  7. Love them, Congrats.
  8. You never disappoint M!! I want that black one bad!!!
  9. Happy Birthday! Really the colors.
  10. Love them!!
  11. love those bags..
  12. oooh Raisin Brynne!!! love it!!!!
  13. nice bags. i like the teal and raisin.
  14. Woo hoo! What a beautiful sight! Happy birthday!
  15. Delicious!!