Triple Threat

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  1. Somehow I lucked out and got 2 of these shipped to me from the boutique!! Any guesses?

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  2. I don't want to guess... I just want to see... SHOW!!!
  3. Oh can't wait! Open open!

    Boxes look slim and small...WOCs?
  4. Yes! WOCs! All with dust covers!

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  5. OPEN!!! I bet there are some beautiful bright colors in those boxes!!
  6. Yay!!

    Oh boy, can't wait for a gorgeous display of Chanel eye candy!!
  7. How exiting to catch a live multiple reveals 😻. Open open hurry hurry :smile:
  8. Ooooooo!!! Open open!!!
  9. Fuchsia, Purple and Yellow :biggrin:
  10. Let's see!
  11. can't wait -so lucky to get all of them!
  12. Black quilted caviar w GHW, mint caviar timeless w SHW and dark pink caviar timeless w SHW..

    The dark pink will be going back, my SA and I had a miscommunication.. I was looking for a red but she thought I was referring to the dark pink.

    Thank you all for letting me share!

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  13. That would be an amazing set but I am patiently waiting for the fuchsia lamb mini and will be going on vacation to ban island right after! I'm loving everyone's rainbow reveal so far and it's so hard to resist all the vibrant colors!
  14. Congrats beautiful
  15. Beautiful! Congratulations!