TRIPLE THREAT: My dream bags are here!!!!!

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  1. Finally, I got the three bags I've been thinking about incessantly. It took me a few months, but here they are: Manhattan GM, Denim Baggy GM and MC Alma. I don't want to leave the house. I just want to stare at them...:heart::heart::heart::heart
    Dream bags-LV (Large).jpg
  2. i love the Manhattan GM!
    i'm thinking of getting one soon too!
  3. I am jealous. They are all beautiful.
  4. Congrats ! What colour baggy and alma by the way ?
  5. Congrats! It's gorgeous!
  6. They are all beautiful. Congrats!
  7. Love that selection! Congrats on your dream bags but which will you wear out first?
  8. All three bags are gorgeous. My fave is the Manhattan GM in the middle!
  9. That is quite a trio! Congrats!
  10. very nice, thanks for sharing :smile:
  11. Beautiful! You will enjoy the denim baggy! I :heart: mine!
  12. :love: Love them all,great choices too! Thanks for sharing:biggrin: :flowers:
  13. How exciting!! They're all great!! I have the Manhattan GM (you're gonna love it!!!).
  14. congrats! they are all gorgeous, enjoy them!
  15. I love them! Congrats!