Triple Strand Pearls?

  1. Please...I need your opinions of a triple strand of pearls. I am really confused. What kind of "look" is it? Is it too conservative? Can you wear it everyday?:hysteric:
  2. Any opinions? :popcorn:
  3. they look great, imo.
    chanel makes a great set of triple strand pearls, usually with their iconic camellia as a clasp.
    it's a timeless look, and if worn right can be worn everyday or dressed up!
  4. It depends on how you dress them.
    I have a triple strand of graduated pearls from my mother. I am very casual and often wear them with a white button down shirt and a pair of black jeans and cowboy boots (from Louisiana, you know :smile: ) and they look good.
    If I wear them with a simple dress, they look more ladylike but still fresh.
    I think they only look dated (to me) when you are dressed to the nines.
    This is just me and your mileage may vary!
  5. Were you looking for me my dear? I am the pearl queen!!!

    Ok...what size mm are we talking about when you say triple strand? Like 8mm or are you talking the large 10mm or more?

    I can wear pearls all the time. Sometimes I do. I own many strands and in many colors. Including some double and a triple.

    I have worn them with blue jeans and solid T-shirts with or without a blazer...including a triple strand...I have worn my triple with a gorgeous formal dress as well.

    I believe alot is the person and personality that you are. I love them and I feel I can wear them in so many ways. Some people feel they are only for dress.

    How tall are you? Are you of average weight? Sometimes that helps to decide what mm pearl and what lengths you want your triple strand.

    Clue me in a bit on some info and then what you are thinking with this triple strand. I will help.
  6. OMG..Kellybag! I didn't know you love pearls! don't see many people wearing them anymore (at least not in Michigan?) The triple strand is from Tiffany's 8.0-8.5mm. I bought a double strand from NM which is 8.5-9.0mm...I might return because the Tiffany's were beautiful.
    Currently I own...South Seas (I don't know the actual size at the moment),
    18" Tiffany 7.0-7.5mm single strand (seems kind of small, but pretty).
    The triple I'm thinking about has a diamond clasp which I think can be worn in the front for dress.
    I am 5'3" and a half and am average wt. for an American...need to lose about 20 pounds.
    I wear turtlenecks, jewelnecks and cashmere cardigans. Is it ok if the pearls slip under a jewel neck line? I find it difficult to keep necklaces out of my t-shirt, sweater.
  7. Jennifer...I must look at the Channel pearls!
    Kitsunegrl...very cute with cowboy boots, jeans and a white shirt! Chic!
  8. The book People and Pearls by Ki Hackney and Diana Edkins is a great read.
    I bought it from Amazon a few years ago.
  9. I adore pearls of any kind. They always look classy!
  10. Personally I love pearls...single strand on the neck only. Unless you are quite mature and are trying to hide wrinkles:amuse: ...sorry I had to say it!
  11. it!!!^^
  12. I think a triple strand would be great on you. Your clothing is always subdued...mostly black right? So why not go for some luxe in your accessories? And personally, I love when pearls hide beneath a jewel neckline. I think it looks very "Grosse Pointey" - at least the GP that I grew up in.
  13. I was joking..LOL
  14. Oh thanks coco-nut! I love the Grosse Pointe look! You would look fabulous with pearls too.
  15. I love pearls...pearls in all shapes, sizes, and colors. From classic round white to funky colored them all.

    In November I sold a triple strand golden pearls, two strands were disc shaped and the middle was was gorgeous (if I do say so myself) and definitely not too conservative. In fact the woman who bought it was seriously hot and fashionable. And an ad exec.

    I made myself a triple strand ivory pearl necklace with rounds and oval shapes. It goes great with all kinds of outfits.

    I also love to twist multiple strands together - like my Fall is Flung that a tPFer now owns...multiple strands woven together in cranberry and green colors.

    Pearls can do and be anything!