Triple Reveals = Half of Last Reveal = Trending -> Right Direction?

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  1. Since my 6 reveals in the 6th month during June, I REALLY tried hard to stay good.... Well, it's "sort of" good in that this one is half the size. The bad part is, it's only been 2 weeks.

    I must stay away from any stores with Chanel till Cruise/Cuba in October... Recovery needed!!!

    I sort of want to blame TraceySH for being a bad influence :lol: but really I know it's my own fault. Well at least this is trending down in the # of items I "need". To my own credit, I passed on a beautiful python bag... that's good right...?

    Let's get to it?

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  2. Yay...
  3. Got some things to take care of today so going to get this moving...

    Reveal #1: A little something that I've been looking for but literally every time I asked a SA (Bloomingdale, boutique, Nordstrom, Neiman, Saks, etc. and even while in Europe), they pretty much tells me different versions of the following: "this is not an item you're going to get easily.. if I can only tell you of the # of calls/people who ask for this/waiting for this..." You would have thought I was asking for a unicorn or something...

  4. I feel like recently many of the things on my long time awaited / hard to find classic items checklist are showing up (well, feels long to me, Chanel and I are celebrating the 1 year anniversary of our short, sweet, and dangerous - for me, relationship). This is not good for any form of budgeting, but who am I kidding anyway...

    So... I would have preferred it in caviar but not going to be stubborn and quite frankly I love almost all Chanel leathers (distressed calf, lamb, caviar, etc.) equally for different attributes... Thanks to my amazing SA, I can finally get my paws on this little guy. I plan on using him to hold the few things I need with me at all times (lipstick, concealer, hair-tie, etc).

    Happy to present to you my new black lambskin mini-o case.

    It's so shiny, puffy and feels so sooooooft.... yet it feels quite sturdy to me so hopefully it'll age gracefully with use. Eh who knows my wonderful SA would still keep an eye out for caviar in case I need another back up when that arrives :smile:

    This is my actual case, took the pic in the boutique while I was checking it for quality. Much better lighting and presentation than I can manage at home. :tup:

  5. :wave: Well hello, looks like it's just us for now, thanks for joining :smile:
  6. Moving on to the 2nd item...

    Totally wanted to add this to my collection as one of what I consider a Chanel timeless iconic beauties. As such, of course it's near impossible to find in my size (same SA reaction as noted on item 1 reveal above, or worse).

    I had given up on these but seems fate knows otherwise...

    Slingback box.jpg
  7. My 2nd pair of Chanel shoes... The beige and black slingbacks. I actually had given up on these as I was at a department store trying on the gray pair and it was either too big, or too small. I asked for half size (between the 2) and was told by the SA that it doesn't come in half sizes and she "applied pressure" on how rare do these come in and available at the stores.

    I passed on those as it was just not comfortable and not the color/style of what I wanted.

    I was just "browsing" at a Neiman that I never knew had Chanel and guess what?! they have 1 pair in the exact half size that fits me. This fit much better. What a difference having the right size makes...

    Though it's still a design with more narrow toe area, which I hope would / should stretch more naturally with wear.

    You can probably see the "stretch marks" from taking the picture right after I was walking around for a little, which goes away with a bit of rubbing the leather to smooth it back out.

    It's definitely not something that I would be walking in ALL DAY.. but it's definitely comfortable enough for 2-4 hours of walking max, and no problem at all for a typical work day for example.
    Slingback 2.jpg Slingback 1.jpg
  8. Last and final item... My new found top obsession... My unexpected buy and definitely one of my most excited item acquired thus far!!! :loveeyes::hbeat::love:

    Instant reveal!!!

    My 2nd from the 16A Paris in Rome collection... I just can't help myself, this season is unbelievable!!

    Light Pink Chevron Tweed with detachable off-white/ivory lambskin leather collar and sleeve folds, as worn by model on the runway below.

    Pink Chevron Tweed Runway.jpg
  9. Here's how the jacket looks without the lambskin collar, and a detail shot of the gorgeous buttons and tweed.
    Pink Chevron No collar.jpg Pink Chevron Detail.jpg
  10. I thought this is such a timeless style, yet different. Very versatile with the detachable parts for all different looks, and yet so different than the pre-fall Paris in Rome little black jacket that I got a few weeks ago.

    So many ways to wear and offer different looks when worn with jeans/pants vs. with a dress/skirt. Please excuse some pics with poor lighting and photo taken by my little boy (he actually did a decent job given the lighting and all :tup:)

    First - with jeans, lambskin collar taken off and front mostly unbuttoned. front and back views, in good/bright lighting:
    Pink Chevron jeans.jpg Pink Chevron Jeans back.jpg
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  11. Wow----love everything! HUGE Congratulations!!!
  12. Wow! That's quite a haul! Congrats!!
  13. Dang girl!!! love them all, esp the Jacket!!! Wow, looks great on you. Did I hear correctly that you just started buying Chanel a year ago???! Do u have a family pic??
  14. As a dress/with dress underneath: buttoned all the way up, a few buttons up (more loose on neckline/relaxed look - I prefer personally), more casually all the way open in front, and draped over shoulders...

    I am contemplating what texture/material and color I should get for long gloves to go with this coat when it gets colder... I thought black long leather Chanel gloves would be too intense- what do you think?

    Perhaps cashmere gloves would go better with this? If so, what color do you think would go best with this? Ivory should do well but not practical at all to keep impeccably clean...

    Pink Chevron Buttoned Up.jpg Pink Chevron Open top buttons.jpg PInk Chevron side dress.jpg Pink Chevron Dress back.jpg Pink chevron Open front.jpg Pink Chevron Drape shoulder.jpg
  15. Thanks!!! It's so addictive, it's not my fault (at all). Every time I know I should stop... .and I'm generally very picky about things so it's not like it's easy for me to find "exactly what I want" - as envisioned... Chanel / Karl just gets me - seriously!!! :flowers:

    Started with handbags, then custom jewelry, and now falling HARD for certain RTW and since June got my first 2 pairs of shoes and tweed jackets... (this collection is especially lovely and for my taste though in my defense). I really like Chanel cardigans and tweed jackets, they are so beautiful!!!! :love:

    I just checked out the whole fall season look book and thankfully beside a few brooches and a belt, I don't see anything else that should cause too much further damage.

    The Cuba Cruise collection arriving late October - however, will be excruciatingly painful for my bank account.... Got my eyes on so many things across all categories above...

    Hopefully I can keep this under control till October!!! :blush:

    Summer has been so crazy and I'm really not good at taking nice beautiful staged photos like many on this forum. :P

    Been meaning to do a bag showcase to commemorate the anniversary, but seems like I'm going to run a bit late with all the craziness in life (and shopping)!!! :panic:

    I think if I don't buy another Chanel bag I should now have enough Chanel bag for all the occasions/needs for my lifestyle, so I am hoping the bag shopping would slow down just a bit!!! (but I know the jacket/cardigan RTW is probably even more dangerous.... :drool: