Triple Reveal!!!

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  1. While shopping on vacation in Beverly Hills I couldn't resist this silver cuff or these two tone boots both from Fall Act I. Then after I got home I came across this awesome chevron so black reissue card holder in the AF and thanks to May and her lovely SA it's mine :smile: IMG_20160626_130224905_wm.jpg IMG_20160626_131854103_wm.jpg IMG_20160623_115226.jpg
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  2. Love the cardholder as well as your other finds.
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  3. Nice! Could you take a pic of the interior of the card holder? Many Thks!
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  4. love your boot and card holder
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  5. What an adorable cardholder!
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  6. I'll post some more pictures tomorrow :smile:

    Thank you guys!!!
  7. Lovely finds, love the boots!
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  8. Great items, enjoy them!
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  9. Wonderful reveal!
    All three items are so unique :hbeat:
    Congrats and enjoy!!
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  10. Great haul!!!
    Love your boots and cardholder!
    Congrats!!! So excited for you!
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  11. Lovely pieces! Congrats!
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  12. OMG that cardholder is beautiful!! I have ther larger wallet in the chevron reissue style, now lusting after this one as well :smile:

    Do you happen to have the style code?
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  13. Thanks so much :smile:
  14. Thanks!! The style # A80831 Y60883 94305 When I bought mine last Wednesday there were only a few left if you'd like my SA info :smile:
  15. Thanks for sharing!! I live in Europe, so I will check here (I'm assuming your American). I'm going to the boutique later this week. Maybe it's best if they don't find it for me; I've been spending too much on Chanel goodies these last months!! But no card case yet in my collection, so you never know right ;)