Triple Reveal!

  1. OK, I have been on a bag hiatus since 2012 due to having a new baby daughter (born April 3rd last year), moving into a new place, and spending all my fashion cash on Etro and Tributes. 😍😊😜 So I finally found two sublime Holy Grail colours in sale last week and snatched them up online right away. The very next day my luck was in. Elady had a HG in a hard-to-find-on-sale color and I got them all yesterday! My mother ship has come in so I wanted to share a reveal!
    1402179577634.jpg 1402179611358.jpg 1402179651461.jpg 1402179669447.jpg 1402179684691.jpg 1402179700885.jpg 1402179846748.jpg 1402179882119.jpg 1402179896860.jpg 1402179921358.jpg
  2. The blue goatskin micro-nightingale and then a couple family pic, including the mini shagreen nightingale in black next to the micro.
    1402180020594.jpg 1402180053869.jpg
  3. Oops, the pic didn't post!
  4. The blue micro is so pretty! I would happily keep the Bluefly Micro if it were blue. I like the small bags in bright colors!
  5. A new family portrait since I don't know what happened to the last one I posted, along with the new micro.
    1402180982651.jpg 1402181008751.jpg
  6. @catash thanks! She is quite the stunner in person. I am glad it's goatskin.
  7. Beautifully balanced family..its like 3 generations of gales. You're just missing the med sz. I agree the bright colors look even better in the smaller sized the red panda wristlet. U did very well.
  8. Wow! That's a lovely family you have! I love the tote especially. Congrats! :smile:
  9. Absolutely stunning trio!!! Congrats on such a great Givenchy family!
  10. Your tote is amaze balls!!! Congrats!
  11. Awesome G family! Congrats on your haul! :smile:
  12. Congrats! Love all of them... :smile:
  13. Be still my heart!
    They are amazing, I love them all. I especially love how protective your sweet doggie :doggie: is being around them, what a good pup and excellent judge of beautiful leather! Enjoy them all and please give your sweet dog a hug from
    <----------------------------- Soph and I.
  14. What a gorgeous collection!
  15. Congrats