Triple Reveal...You can't plan LOVE..nor Fight it!

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  1. Given the Triple points and Friends and Family events going on at Saks and Bloomingdales, PLUS the gorgeous weather, I thought I would go and see if I might pick up a few small items like brooches or something. :angel:

    Little did I expect to fall in love... 3 times!!! I was really trying to be good after the caviar cobalt blue chevron M/L, bright blue lamb square mini and ring I got from hubby for my birthday, but April is turning out to be even more costly as a result of Karl reading my mind. It's impossible to pass on these. :nogood:

    It's rather late for me, but oh well, who's here for some reveals?!?!?!?! :wave:
  2. What is a girl to do when the stores have exactly what she wants waiting for her, plus triple points? :whistle:

    It was an awesome day to be walking around the city though... lots of great food, wonderful walk in the sun with a soft breeze... all contributed to a pleasant day of shopping :happydance:

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  3. 🏽 I'm here
  4. Here
  5. You can't pass up triple points! :smile:
  6. You are on a roll! Can't wait to see your triple reveal!
  7. Let's get right to it my friends...

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  8. Here!
  9. Open open open!!!
  10. So I was obsessively in love with this bag when I first saw the photos. Then a few weeks ago I saw the medium size in person and tried it on in the boutique. I realized that while it looked beautiful, it hangs really high on my body if I wear it cross body. The bag is boxy and pretty much a full size bag, it looked really strange when hanging so high on my body that way - it makes it only possible to wear on shoulder. I wanted the bag for a more casual vibe and therefore cross body is ESSENTIAL. I had always thought I may get a Chanel "camera" bag and this bag is like it but much more cute, versatile, and beautiful!

    I knew that if it doesn't cross body well, I wouldn't wear it often and it will be sitting in my closet gathering dust so it's a no go! So heartbroken.... as I love the style and thought it will be a perfect casual Chanel especially in light color! I had made up my mind, but still kept thinking about it because I genuinely love the design of this bag!

    So when I went to the store and realize they have a SMALL/mini size one, and that it had a longer chain that cross body PERFECTLY, in the beige color I wanted, I HAD to try putting my essentials in to see if it's something that would work (was worried that it wont fit much). It fit all my essentials because of its shape, and I come home with this lovely bag so I can finally stop feeling sad and instead think of all the cute sundresses, shorts, and other awesome outfits I would wear with it!

    Introducing the smallest and most practical casual Chanel bag I've added to my collection, the beige small/mini Vanity bag from Spring 2016!!!! :loveeyes:

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  11. Cant wait
  12. I know it makes me sound like a liar as I have just recently said I won't get it. However that was before I realized that I can wear it cross body in the small/mini size and that the small/mini size can fit all my stuff! :angel:

    Here's a few photos of the bag fitting nicely the following essentials (without overstuffing/bulging)
    • Chanel card case wallet
    • key holder with 4 keys inside plus my car fob key (not sure if you can see it but my keyholder has a pocket for it)
    • small pouch that holds lipgloss lipstick hair tie and concealer
    • phone Samsung Note 4 (pretty much same size as the iphone6)

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  13. Omg Congrats! I have the same bag in beige and black. Love it
  14. Had a choice between this beige or the beige and black trim. Decided on all beige for more subtle/discrete logos and just felt it's more elegant and classic without being too "loud".

    A photo with my hand showing comparison to the size of this little bag, and a few photos of the bag's gorgeous hardware details... LOVE the trims and the CC lock - ADORABLE! :cloud9:

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  15. Oh wow what a dream! Enjoy!!