Triple Reveal from new Miami boutique

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  1. I was fortunate enough to go to the new Dior in Miami this past Friday on a special preview day. Several days before I received a beautiful bouquet of roses and hydrangeas with an invitation. It was so exciting and special for me!

    I knew I would buy something and was hoping to get the woven metallic Diorissimo pictured a little big ago on a different thread. I was told though that bag was never produced. Very sad!!

    My second thought was to get a copper Diorever bag but was told those were not produced for the US. Very sad.

    But then....I was able to snatch up the only mini Gold Diorever .....and is it ever beautiful!!!! I also got the matching card case.

    And then I went overboard, probably because of the champagne I was drinking, and bought the mini LD in white cannage. It is so much better in person than in pictures.

    I definitely think I went overboard but I'm thrilled with my new beauties.

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  2. I don't know why the pictures are upside down. Sorry!

    Here is the Diorever with what can fit in it. I had the strap, my sunglass case, small wallet, phone, car keys lipgloss and advil. Pleny of room!

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  3. My beloved Dior family in its new home. I just added this cabinet to my bedroom and I can't stop staring at my bags while I'm laying in bed! It has glass doors to protect from dust and keep the nosy cats out.

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  4. Omg [emoji7], where do i begin. I don't know what i love more, your diors or your channels! You're one lucky girl. I've never been a fan of mini bags but you've just converted me. Enjoy your collection. [emoji173]️
  5. The bag is so cute! Congrats on your haul :smile: :smile: It sounds like you have a great time.
    I will have to hunt down the mini in silver version :lol:
  6. I am lovestruck 😍😍 congratulations on your amazing reveal items and the collection is tdf😍😍
  7. Your collection.... And the presentation....!! To die for!! [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]
  8. Congratulations! You're so lucky that you were able to attend an exclusive opening event at one of the nicest Dior boutiques in the US.

    And I agree with you about the white micro-Cannage Lady Dior. I saw the red micro-Cannage Diorama displayed at Dior @ Holt Renfrew Bloor St. and it looks so sparkly in real life. Much nicer than in pictures.
  9. What a special event, beginning with the flowers and ending with the tasteful selections you added to your fabulous Dior collection! You have exquisite taste in bags! Your cabinet is such a great way to store and enjoy your collection. Congrats! I love what you chose. The top left has me revisiting the gold Promenade. I think I need it now! Also, is the red Dior the LD evening clutch? I love your collection.
  10. I love how your cabinet is sorted by brand! Lovely collection you have there!
  11. omg love your gold Diorever! Enjoy it!
  12. sort of twins -- have the gold in medium -- such a cool bag!

    what a great event; you are so lucky!
  13. Oh my! Beautiful additions! The LD is [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7], as is your entire collection :smile:
  14. Such a beautiful collection!
  15. What beautiful additions and an amazing collection! I wish I could stare at your cabinet as I go to sleep too, lol.
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