Triple points on Chanel at NM

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  1. Just got an email that NM is giving triple points on pretty much ALL Chanel purchases but cosmetics with or NM or BG card. I'm psyched! Chanel is never on promo.
  2. I love triple points! It happens so rarely- now if the 2 bags I am waiting for would only come in:P
    Are you getting anything Sam??
  3. Yes! I'm getting ballet flats (black) and I'm going to look for a new wallet if I have time (baby will probably be with me). Which bags are you waiting for?
  4. Bubble quilt and green chevron. I have a back up though.... a chic caviar in purple. I am such an impulse shopper:graucho: Make sure you post your goodies
  5. I got an email from one of my SA at Topanga NM that they will have triple points on Chanel beginning Septmeber 20-23. I might see myself buying (breaking my self imposed ban).:sweatdrop::sweatdrop::faint:
  6. Can someone post more info on this. I buy things from NM and get emails from them but I didn't get an email for this.
    Do I need the card?
  7. If you want to pm me I will send you info from my SA, but yes, you need a NM or BG card. It's for In Circle points.
  8. It is in store 9/20-9/23:smile:
  9. This is the best time of year to buy chanel! Triple points add up quickly= gift cards:woohoo: I have sent my list to my NM SA....
  10. How does the pt convert exactly ? It for card holders rit?
  11. This is for card holders
  12. Great info, thanks. I neeed to check my endless Inbox.
  13. This has me tempted also....I'm just going to take my chances and see if anything catches my eye!
  14. Can you recommend me a good SA at NM Topanga? I am planning to stop by tomorrow. TIA
  15. Does anyone have a recommendation for a great SA in SF or Palo Alto? I'm interested in purchasing a pair of sunglasses and a flap/WOC. Thanks!