Triple G n G reveal

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  1. My key pouch collection is finally complete....

    I had a little heart ache when my DE mini pochette and cles got stolen. But I'm moving on with my triple key pouch reveal. It's my G n G, grab and go and most used pieces. Got the monogram last Valentines and just got the damier ebene and azur tonight. Just sharing with all of you my joys...
  2. yay! now wheres the must have reveal pics?
  3. Opps photos did not attach..

    Attached Files:

  4. very nice. congrats!
  5. Love the trio!
  6. Super cute, congrats!
  7. Triplet twins! :biggrin: It's also my most used piece, love the Key Pouch. I use one everyday, sometimes even without a bag or wallet. They are all beautiful, congrats!
  8. Congrats! Sorry to hear about your stolen pieces.
  9. Thank you for letting me share my cute pieces...:cutesy:
  10. Thanks, it's my everyday purse, hehe. I don't use my regular purses to work. My key pouch is also my "gym bag" since my gym is only a couple of blocks away. Call me strange but I shower before I go to the gym and run home to shower again.
  11. Thanks, kind of having second thoughts of getting another mini pochette, but I would never say never...
  12. Lovely trio!!!!!!!
  13. Sorry your items were stolen but fantastic score on the cles!!
  14. Oh nice!! Congrats :smile:
  15. very cute