Triple Fendi Reveal

Jul 19, 2010
I went a little crazy during my Fendi appointment. I started researching into the brand and just love their edgy and unique bags. I am definitely returning the mink peekaboo. It’s beautiful but I’m not really into fur and I can sense that it won’t quite hold up well over time.

Baguette in medium/regular from SS20 in brown terry cloth
Baguette mini in fabric
Peekaboo mini in mink FC6D6C70-5FD5-479A-BE36-4E4FDEBBC12F.jpeg BC24A728-A960-4FF3-B747-A1DC153EA3DF.jpeg A6764DE7-6BBD-4A3F-8AB6-24A80B322F09.jpeg 72CC5D31-C16C-4903-A66A-1701C7E693FD.jpeg
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