Triple Coin Purse Handbag

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  1. Is this the craziest thing you've ever seen?
  2. Do the purses open?
  3. Eww.. I'm not sure about crazy so much as tacky.
  4. That looks like something the seriously addicted smoker would carry so she would know where her packs are at all times! (Sorry if I offended any smokers out there)
  5. kinda silly. BCBG had one where there were three horizontal coin purses all connected in the shape of a triangle. along with a strap, that was the whole bag, it was so ugly.
  6. In the description is says they are "functional as they are fabulous" so I guess so.
  7. LOL - but, now that you said it, I can totally see it - too funny. :p
  8. That is funny!
  9. ROFL...I was thinking the same thing!! :lol: