triple A quality replicas

  1. since joining this forum, i've learned more about designer purses and have grown a greater appreciation for them...

    i went to a flea market somewhere outside of the US (sorry, i purposely didn't disclose which country so as to not offend anyone) and found hundreds or possibly thousands of designer replicas!!! apparently, the newest thing in this country are what the locals would call "triple A" quality designer handbags...

    i inspected some of the gucci bags and have to admit that these are d@mn close to the real thing!!!! some of the bags that i thoroughly inspected even had serial numbers behind the tags!!! honestly, if i saw someone walking around with some of these, i would not be able to tell the difference... these were of very good quality - hands down!

    it doesn't help that i've been eyeing the gucci sex in the city belt bag... and of course, they had alot of them there for less than $30...

    i was seriously tempted...

    but with my familiarity of designer bags from what i've learned thru this forum, i've also learned about what cause fake purses support...

    ..... so, i resisted the urge, kept my $30, and walked away...
  2. Good choice! :amuse:
  3. I agree. While they may look exactly the same, the quality and craftsmanship is going to be sub-standard. And also, you'll know it's merely a replica.
  4. yeah... they are quite real. there are replica everythings now. jimmy choo, mulberry, ysl, goldyard, chloe even! and all yes $30 or less. honestly i cannot tell some of the fake ones unless the real thing is next to it =/
  5. I agree... these make me so mad! When you see them on eBay or some site where they are "offered" (not to say the website's name), you can tell from just a few details that they are not the real deal.
    But what about on the street? It p!sses me off that someone would be walking around with a bag that looks exactly like mine but which is completely illegal. :cursing:
  6. That's why I'm so afraid of eBay. I don't have a good eye to spot those so-called triple A replicas. I wouldn't be able to tell, so I would def get screwed big time.
  7. I completely agree with all that's been said...and on top of it, the replica factories are rumored to have sub-standard working conditions for newer immigrants who accept s%*tty wages out of NYC, anyway. I'd rather pay top dollar for better Karma...
  8. i totally agree with what everyone said in here! knowing what i know now, and after spending on what i own to date, i refuse to carry fakes... it's just plain wrong!

    its particularly upsetting to find a fake one that looks and feels almost exactly like mine for hundreds less!!!

    the weird thing was, in that country (where i visited), you could tell just by appearance and demeanor which ones belong in the "upper class" (in terms of money)... there were actually quite a few "upper class" shoppers there!!! now, who would doubt whether or not they're carrying the real deal?!
  9. That's a good annoying to hear that they are making them really close to the real thing :s
  10. wise choice :smile: !! i feel like even the so-called "best" replica bags (if there are such a thing..) are NOT the same as authentic ones....other people may not notice it, especially if they're not familiar with the brand, but YOU will..and it'll probably not be a good, we should all buy handbags that WE love, and not whether other people will notice/admire it..although I always check out the handbags carried by celebrities and drool over them : ).
  11. great choice not to get one!! they are ICK!!!:yucky:
  12. My cousin is currently working in a country that makes a lot of these triple-A replicas, and she tells me that they are quite amazing looking. Of course she did not buy any, but her mom did (not to knock moms, but I've noticed that a lot of established women who have a lot of money have NO problem buying fakes).
    She tells me that her colleague, who used to only buy authentic, started buying fakes after a couple of months!
    I agree with Edithhead. Apart from the fact that fake bags just feel wrong, it's awful that they might be made by some poor immigrant working in awful conditions for very little wages.
  13. Yea great choice! I've thought the same thing when I went to another country (not going to say where). They had so many LV replicas, but just the thought of carrying a fake just doesn't feel right.
  14. You made the right choice.
  15. WELL SAID!!!! :nuts:

    I'm really glad that you ended up not buying the fake Gucci belt bag :smile: