Trip with my mom, possibly an aunt or two...

  1. I have Groupon credit and airline credit I want to use up, and I was thinking about planning a surprise trip for my mom's birthday. I've been scouring Groupon like a hawk for good getaways, BUT all the ones I want are for out of country things, and most of my family doesn't have a passport (pout). That credit doesn't expire, so I can wait it out, but the airline credit dies in February.

    Then I think Vegas, but at this point in my life, I'd rather jet there with my friends for a weekend, not my mom, heh.

    We have a condo to use in Florida, but we've been there so much already, it wouldn't be a surprise.

    Then I thought 3-day cruise to the Bahamas - PERFECT! Then, *pout*, no passport. I called her today and told her to get one, and she started "blahblahblahing" into the phone.

    I feel bad - her and my dad don't get to go on many vacations anymore because of his work schedule, and someone having to stay home with my grandma, so he finally got a week off and is using the Florida condo with his golf buddies, and my mom couldn't get vacation approved. Her last real vacation was with me three years ago(!!!) to the condo.

    Then, I think New Orleans... which could honestly be the perfect idea.

    Can anyone else suggest anything?
  2. Does she like plays or musicals? NYC has everything.

    Personally I love San Francisco--the diversity, compact size, available day trips, great shopping and places to eat. Doesn't get too hot.
  3. She's never expressed ANY interest in NYC... she likes shows but prefers a more laid back vacation, not one you need to do any planning ahead for (buying tickets, etc.)

    SF would acually be nice. I just got the idea of vineyards too. How is the weather in December there?

    I should just throw a dart at a US map and see where it ends up.
  4. ^DH used to travel to SF a lot and joked that summer weather is 60 and winter is 50. Seriously it does get warmer than that and supposedly fall is their best season.

    Charleston, SC, is laid back and friendly, walkable, historical, great eats, etc.

    The nice thng about being in Chicago is you are a nonstop flight from nearly anywhere. Used to live there and I miss the easy air connections.
  5. San Diego is a beautiful city as well.. nice, moderate weather all year
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    SF in December is typically rainy on and off and in the 50s. Going north into wine country, it will still be rainy on and off and cool, but IMO it's a great time to go to wine country - if you don't mind the rain and cooler temps - because it's much less crowded and you can take your time at each winery.

    December in Palm Springs would be a great trip. Milder temps, like in the 70s, and there are great restaurants, shopping (the outlets at Cabezon and Desert Hills, and great thrift/antique stores in town). There are beautiful resorts with spas, nice pools and other amenities.

    Scottsdale/Phoenix would also be nice that time of year. Ditto the beautiful resorts comments here too.
  7. this makes ME want to be in Palm Springs in December, for the outlets if nothing else!
  8. Thanks everyone! I'm noting everything here.

    Phoenix was actually on my list also.

    50 degrees and rainy in December won't be a problem - we'll be coming from Chicago, I'm sure it'll be chillier than that. :smile:

    I think I'm leaning towards New Orleans... I mentioned something half-heartedly to her about a hotel deal in the French Quarter and she kind of lit up when she started talking about it. So sneaky am I! :sneaky:
  9. There are some great places in the French Quarter to see. She can take her time and walk around to see them at her leisue. Most of the things to see are not on a a time schedule.
  10. Thanks for that! I really think she'll enjoy it. Plus I've already done research on it, since I was flipflopping on a vacation there earlier in the year. :smile:
  11. I think New Orleans would be a great vacation--I was there last year with a friend (who was pregnant at the time so it wasn't a wild girls' weekend) and we had a blast. It's such a beautiful city with such a rich food culture-I think you'll enjoy it quite a bit!