Trip to Wall Street & Madison Avenue

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  1. Hi all! So, I made my Fall pilgrimage to NYC yesterday to see my dear friend from grad school... She is SO sweet, she knows I love H and was more than willing to take me to the Wall St. AND Madison Ave boutiques! (And, of course, my other fav...Tod's). :yahoo:

    So, I was standing in front of the window staring dreamily at the Kelly....and I see someone waving out at me....
    Ah, KNOW that I want that Kelly...:drool: Wave me in...let me BUY her!!! :love:

    But alas, it was just my former SA that transfered to the Wall Street boutique! "HELLO!" I say. :flowers:

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  2. I asked about the Kellys in the window... "Are they for sale, dear SA?!" They are both gorgeous! (The Kelly pochette looked like black epson...very nice!)

    Alas...I was told they try not to undress the windows...and she knew that I didn't want gold h/w anyway. But I had to ask... :shame:

    That said, the doggy in the window trick DID work at Madison!! :yahoo: Stay tuned...

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  3. I didn't get a Kelly at Wall Street...but I did get the "doggy in the window!" Or, a glass case in this instance! :woohoo:

    Meet my new puppy...

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  4. Next we moved on to the Madison boutique...which had the most gorgeous windows!!

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  5. I really wanted to try the new Hermessence...Brin de Reglisse. It was awesome! The Hermessence Collection is quite different and Jean-Claude Ellena DID NOT disappoint with his latest. And of course, I had to get some samples to take back with me. :yes:

    So, I looked at the Kermits to buy. :sad:

    Then I tried on some luck. :sad:

    Then we walked around...the RTW was simply gorgeous. But, I needed to be good. :nogood:

    Then we decided to leave.... :sad:

    WAIT! What's that in the window?! :nuts:

    Is, it can't be...

    YES, it is!!! :woohoo:

    It's the belt that I have been dreaming of...
  6. The Kelly Pochette is black lizard actually.

    Thanks for the pictures.

    I like your Doggie-in-the-window:tup:
  7. Its very cute! But before you move on uptown, can you tell you know which brown color the kelly bag in the window is? I am not a gold hardware person either so I am not interested in that particular bag, but Im interested in something that color.
  8. Thank you Seton! I couldn't really tell what it was...(still learning!) Black! It was gorgeous.
  9. I'd hate to get it wrong...Seton?? Are you there? Can you tell?

    I want to say Clemence...but it wasn't "slouchy..." It was a "grainy" bag though. :yes:
  10. It looked like togo to me (I walked by the window on Saturday) but the color mystified me. It appeared to be marron fonce or ebene - but I didnt think either was available in togo, though. It looked too dark to be chocolate.
  11. I found the closest SA...

    I NEED that belt in the window! :nuts: Can I please see it??

    "No, I am sorry...but we have one in gold." WHAAA???? :wtf: No, I AM sorry...that just doesn't work for me. :boxing: I REALLY want to see that belt...please...

    "I will need to get a manager. I cannot undo displays."

    YES, please, get the manager.... :angel:
  12. I don't think it was dark enough to be ebene... But, again, still learning my leathers/colors... ;)
  13. Did I mention it was 5:30pm?! She probably hated me at that point...
  14. Well, the VERY nice manager DID get the belt out of the window for me...and I was VERY, very happy indeed! :yahoo:

    Meet Olga...

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  15. Nice! :smile: