Trip to Vegas...and the Forum Shops Bal Store

  1. Thank you so much for the info and congrats on your wallet.
  2. Thanks for the Pourpre picture! Such a gorgeous color...I wish I could figure out how to incorporate red into my wardrobe.

    Congrats on that fab wallet!
  3. CHLOE, it definitely darker than the Ruby...more purplish.

    EmilieN, the SA told me she should be getting some pieces from the new collection late June. They won't know what styles and/or colors until they arrive. I thought that was funny. So she's just as anxious to see what comes in as everyone else, LOL.

    Lovely, The SA I worked with was new. I asked how the store was doing in comparison to the other two and she said even though they were fairly new and opened during this horrible recession, they were still selling well. They didn't have clothing, but they had so many amazing pieces/purse styles. In fact they have a black bowling bag w/tassels going on sale for 1/2 price (approx. $700) next week...

    Ech2010, they had just received the swatches this week. I'm waitlisted for the Pourpre GSH too! I did order the twiggy and makeup :smile: and yep it's a catalog, but it has more shoes on it than anything. Here’s 1 pic from my iPhone, since I didn’t bring my camera cable. It's hard with the reflection against the pages...I'm sorry it didn’t come out better :sad:

    Thanks Ghost, Bridget, Mich, Verty and everyone for the lovely words. We are having a great time. My hubby got knocked out of the tournament late last night, so now he's free to roam the canal shops at the Venetian with me, but I know he's bummed. I'll be super loving today :smile:

  4. Congrats on your beautiful forever keep, wallet! That is so beuatiful! Also thank you for the color swatch. I got a swatch of all the colors from my SA and it was a picture that was a large file so I could enlarge it really big. You can see the amazing actual leather, texture and colors. I am in so much trouble this next season because I liked every color. They are really the best of the best colors. :sos: What will the leather be like?
  5. :nuts:thank you so much for the info is just what i wanted to know:happydance::drool::drool:
  6. we are in the same boat :sweatdrop::ninja:UNIMADDICTED.... let's see how is the leather...but these colours are tdf( noix, pourpre,rasin ,anthra and galet ...omg!!)
  7. uminaddicted, I would LOVE to see your swatch of Poupre and Galet. Such wonderful colors this season.
  8. OMG i have to say you are gorgeous. I LOVE your wedding pics. I've been looking at bridal pictures a lot lately.:graucho:
  9. Nanaz you are far too kind for words. Thank you for making me smile :blush:

    So are you engaged or...?
  10. I cannot wait to check Bal out when I head down to LV! Congrats on the new wallet.
  11. BrandiGirl, you rock! It's a virtual bal DESERT here in Cleveland, Ohio so your information is vital. :smile: Your pics are really good! The new hobo style looks really promising. Were the SAs nice about you taking photos? Cuz ideally I would want to take a bunch and do a detailed report next week in LA...

    Btw, I also agree with another poster- you are absolutely gorgeous in your avatar!!
  12. Engaged :woohoo::drinkup::dothewave::party::jammin:
    Sorry i got carried away:p
  13. Thanks for the update and love your new automne wallet that matches your beautiful city! I am on the waitlist at Barneys for a RH pourpre day (because Barneys didn't order this color with SGH - boo!), but think perhaps I need to see it with SGH before committing to RH.
  14. Oh WOW - pourpre looks exciting. Good work with spy photos!

    So when does pourpre make it's debute? (and what is the translation for "pourpre" anyway?)
  15. AH! it's so great to know there's another Bal girl in central cal :wlae: