Trip to New York-Which Chloe to Take?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    Wanted some advice. I'm off to New York next week (Yay!:yahoo: I finish my final social work placement on Thurs and the holiday is to celebrate) and I'm wondering what to do about my lovely bags, I was going to take my quilted bay as hand luggage for daily use and put my mini paddy in the case for evening use. But do u think I'll end up getting my case opened and searched cuz the wopping great padlock showing up? I once had a cow bell in my case (don't ask:nogood:, it was a weird pressie) and my case got opened cuz of it.

    Or could I put the mini in my bay as hand luggage, do u think they'll ask about the paddlock? :confused1:

    Has anyone travelled with a paddy? Thanks!
  2. I am so happy for you Cat! You can get a lot for your money with the exchange rate too. And don't worry about the padlock. I have traveled internationally to both Europe now and to the Orient many times with my large front pocket Paddy - carrying it on board - and have never had a problem. I, too, have packed away my Silverado for nightime use. Ya know - sometimes they open the bags and sometimes they don't. You can't worry about it. You are going to have such fun!!!!
  3. I always use my Bay as handluggae as it is great with the all the compartments. Of course I travel quite freaquently to UK and I seem to get searched all the time in customs:lol: That I am guessing is jewlery though because machines go off when I pass them and last time they wanted to check my bag because there was a chain on the outside of my make up bag(the chain is part of the bag so not me being paranoid and using chains) but that is fine anyway. I mean they check and then smile and say have a nice journey. Have a great time in NY. I have always wanted to go myself there.
  4. Ah thanks ladies, I'm very excited (as u can probably tell by the fact that I am planning what bags to take a week ahead of the trip.) I've decided I'm going to buy a Chloe wallet while I'm out there (to celebrate the trip and finishing my placements) Shhhh, don't tell my DH.

    I'm probably just being paranoid about the security stuff, I'm a natural worry wart, thanks for sharing ur experiences.
  5. If I were you, I'd probably just bring the one bag, that padlock is pretty heavy to schlep around. And the Bay will definitely work day or evening.

    I :heart: NY sooooooooo much. You're going to love it. Definitely check out the museums, restaurants, and shopping! Fodors or Frommers websites would be a great place to do some trip planning.
  6. :party:Cat, have a fabulous time in NY. Is it your first time there ? I've been twice and I absolutely :heart: that city. Also with the $ the way it is currently, you should get PLENTY of Chloe for your money. I just took my Black Quilted Bay with me when I was last out there. I agree that it's good for day and evening use:tup:.

    If you have time to check out any Broadway shows, I heartily recommend AVENUE Q at The Golden Theatre - it's absolutely hilarious :lol: and very heart-warming in a non-schmaltzy way ( also you'll get to see my avatar IRL !). A CHORUS LINE at The Schoenfeld Theatre is also worth seeing for a more traditional Broadway experience.
  7. you have the baby paddington too?! it's so cute isn't it :biggrin: i have one in aubergine and i've used it many times for travel, the padlock has never been a problem.
    have a great trip!!
  8. lanasyogamama - thanks for the tip, I'll check out this website!

    Tagullah- I went when I was 16 with my mum and sister but I can't really remember much about it (which is weird as I have quite a good memory usually, maybe I was doing the moody teen bit???.) We're def going to see a show or two just not sure which yet, oh the excitement!

    sorichsopretty - Yep the mini paddy is by far the cutest Chloe, I love mine soooo much! Glad to hear the padlock was ok. Thanks!
  9. I would only take the bay... i'd be worried about lost luggage and my mini pady being gone for ever...
    I love New York... I was there about 8 years ago and just loved the buildings, the atmosphere, and even managed to dine at some posh restaurants...
    I dont know whether the season is right, but soft shell crab is worth a try...
    Post some modelling pics when you get back!
  10. Oh, have fun, how lovely to go to New York! Guess what, I haven't been there - yet! Please give us a report when you're back![​IMG]
  11. You are sooo lucky to got to NY.:tup: I am just dieing to go but that won't be any time soon!:sad:
  12. OMG Cat I am so excited for you!!! You are going to have a good well deserved holiday!! I'm a born & bred NY'er!! You are going to have a ball!! I am in total agreement on your quilted bay, it's pretty light & you are going to be walking your legs off & having so much fun & that'll be perfect for day or night!! If I was headed your way i'd be planning my bags out too! YAY! Yes, treat yourself to something, a wallet would be special! :smile:
  13. oh i'd love to go to NY too!!been there twice but like ...oh my gosh, 20??years ago!hope you have a great time and i agree with maria, i'd take only one bag, practicality wise,but hey, your mini paddy seems so tempting, no??
    please post pics when you get back, Bon Voyage!
  14. Love, love, love NY - have a great time and don't worry about the bags, take one that you are comfortable with--personally, I'd take the Bay, I think it's a little more user friendly. Definitely do not pack your paddy or any bag you value in your checked luggage. If you decide to take another bag, put it in your carry-on. And most of all -- HAVE FUN!!
  15. Ooooo have fun! I was actually wondering something like this myself- so thanks for posting. The answers helped me too.
    To agree with everyone else, you will get loads for your money over here. The dollar stinks right now! I was just in Belfast and Dublin and it was ridiculous for me, but good for you!