Trip to Malaysia: What are the must-haves to get there?

  1. I'm wondering, for those of you who had visited Malaysia, what are the unique stuffs that you must get there that you can't get elsewhere? What do you bring back to your friends and family members as souvenirs? What kinda stuffs that you can get in Malaysia that is not available or easily accessible in US, etc? Or if you plan to have a trip to Malaysia in the future, what are you looking forward to getting?

  2. mmmmmmmmmmm am looking for a uniques designes of LV handbags because in my country when i go to LV it is always kind of empty,LV is too crowed with young stylish people and tourists.
    For my friends i usually buy some silk fabrics becuase it is high quality with good price. mmmmmmmmm what else i also buy for them some high brands like Gucci, YSL if there are sale.
    As I saw 2 years ago in Malaysia that most of Malaysian people don't buy from boutiques because there is CHINA MARKET in which they sell high quality fake handbags with suitable prices so when i went to boutiques i saw lots of designes available for the tourist like me :nuts:
    But in my country whenever there is a sale in any boutique i can not see something to buy :crybaby:
  3. ^^ I agree that there are some Malaysians who buy fake goods.

    BUT, I'm Malaysian and I and a lot of my friends/ mom's friends all buy from the boutiques..

    Anyways, back to the OP - I think for stuff that is not available in US will be like local handcrafted goods etc but these really depend on your taste.. Malaysia is famous for its pewter goods - you can definitely get these in the large department stores or you can check them out at

    Also, at the airport, you will find plenty of souvenir stalls - in terms of branded goods, it's actually more expensive in Msia slightly unless of course the item is on sale.

    Also, because I'm Malaysian, whenever I go home, my main focus is on the yummy local FOOD! :smile:

    Well, hope you have a good time in Malaysia!
  4. Silk scarves... maybe some wooden or coconut ornament or spoon... i got a nice large coconut spoon as a gift once =) handicrafts like little bags for female friends...
  5. I'm Malaysian, and when I go back, I tend to stock up on food, food and more food! Lots of excellent curry pastes, laksa pastes, herbs, etc.

    I second Minami regarding Selangor Pewter. They have a huge range (SP has stores in some airports as well). I brought back some dragon chopstick stands that were very reasonable and absolutely stunning. There are lots of handicraft stores. I'm from Sarawak, and I brought back some pua kumbu (traditional Dayak weaving). Batik is very good and well-priced. There are heaps of Malaysian cookbooks which would make excellent gifts. I also brought back some sago biscuits and durian treats for the more adventurous colleagues.

    I reallly miss home now....