Trip to LOS ANGELES! any recommended botiques?

  1. I'm going to LA this weekend! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on different boutiques to visit in the Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, etc. areas. I'm looking for lots of cute clothes and accessories, probably in a price range of around Saks/ Neiman Marcus or lower. I'm not too picky on brand, i just want to find some really cute, unique, fashionable clothing articles!

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. Kitson for sure..I know it has been talked about a lot but I love their selection of Junk Food tees. Lisa Kline is right across the street, they have some cute stuff too. Also, Intuition is ok, the site has a lot more stuff on it, the store isn't so impressive IMO. I've heard that Fred Segal has good stuff too. I was going to go there last year on my last trip to LA but missed the off ramp and there was too much traffic so I just went home instead lol.
    Ooh and if you're into Sanrio, the Beverly Center has a Momoberry store and it is GREAT. I was in heaven when I went there lol.
  3. If you get the chance, look at the November issue of Elle Magazine with Scarlett Johannssen on the cover. It seems to be an LA centered issue with lots of fashionable left-coast girls talking about their favorite LA boutiques.
  4. If you really want a CRAZY FUN BARGAIN, you have to go to the Fashion District in Downtown L.A. On October 19, the showrooms are selling directly to the public. This is how I stock my eBay store!

    [SIZE=+3]Sample Sales at The New Mart [/SIZE]

    Sample sales are held at The New Mart Building on the last Friday of each month. This is the only time that we are open to the public. During sample sales, some showrooms will sell their samples at discounted prices, and accept cash ONLY. Each showroom keeps its own hours, which are approximately 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM.

    The New Mart is located at 127 East Ninth Street, Los Angeles, California 90015, between Main and Los Angeles Streets. Parking is located on Main Street and Ninth. Entrances to our parking lot are located on both Main Street and Ninth Street.

    The list of showrooms who will be participating in these sales are shown below. This list will be updated as information becomes available.</B>

    <TABLE height=802 cellSpacing=2 cellPadding=2 width=623 bgColor=#ffffcc border=2><!-- MSTableType="layout" --><TBODY><TR><TD>Suite 203</TD><TD height=26>Calvin Klein</TD></TR><TR><TD>Suite 408</TD><TD height=26>Tarina Tarantino</TD></TR><TR><TD>Suite 500</TD><TD height=26>Revolver Los Angeles</TD></TR><TR><TD>Suite 501</TD><TD height=26>TOOL BOX, Blue Tattoo</TD></TR><TR><TD>Suite 509</TD><TD height=26>Nautica, Nautica Jeans, Southpole, Lot 29</TD></TR><TR><TD>Suite 601</TD><TD height=26>Mod-O-Doc, Yarns</TD></TR><TR><TD>Suite 604</TD><TD height=26>Hard Tail</TD></TR><TR><TD>Suite 605</TD><TD height=26>Industry, Solid, Me(el), Pure, Venom, Pusch, Third Born </TD><TR><TD>Suite 701</TD><TD height=26>White + Warren, San Francisco City Lights</TD></TR><TR><TD>Suite 702</TD><TD height=26>It's All About the Girls</TD></TR><TR><TD>Suite 703</TD><TD height=26>Betsey Johnson</TD></TR><TR><TD>Suite 710</TD><TD height=26>Hype, Harkham</TD></TR><TR><TD>Suite 715</TD><TD height=26>Dial M</TD></TR><TR><TD>Suite 802</TD><TD height=26>Brian Wilson and Sheri Bodell</TD></TR><TR><TD>Suite 803</TD><TD height=26>Miriana Ojeda</TD></TR><TR><TD>Suite 805</TD><TD height=26>Neesh and Babette</TD></TR><TR><TD>Suite 806</TD><TD height=26>Nothing to Wear</TD></TR><TR><TD>Suite 813</TD><TD height=26>Frankie B</TD></TR><TR><TD>Suite 903</TD><TD height=26>Joe's Jeans, Da-Nang and Da-Nang Kids, C&C of California</TD></TR><TR><TD>Suite 904</TD><TD height=26>Soundgirl</TD></TR><TR><TD>Suite 906</TD><TD height=26>Steve Martino</TD></TR><TR><TD>Suite 907</TD><TD height=26>Nine O Seven</TD></TR><TR><TD>Suite 1001</TD><TD height=26>Focus Showroom</TD></TR><TR><TD>Suite 1100</TD><TD height=26>Custo Barcelona</TD></TR><TR><TD>Suite 1103</TD><TD height=26>Michael Stars, G1, So Low</TD></TR><TR><TD>Suite 1104</TD><TD height=26>SFLA</TD></TR><TR><TD>Suite 1106</TD><TD height=26>Mix</TD></TR><TR><TD>Suite 1107</TD><TD height=26>Chan Luu/Studio 10</TD></TR><TR><TD>Suite 1201</TD><TD height=26>Julian</TD></TR><TR><TD>Suite 1203</TD><TD height=26>MK Sportswear</TD></TR><TR><TD>Suite 1204</TD><TD height=26>DKNY Jeans - Men's & Women's/Kenneth Cole Women's</TD></TR><TR><TD width=200>Suite 1210</TD><TD width=401 height=26>Work in Progress</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
  5. There are a ton of cute boutiques on Montana Ave. in Santa Monica. You can spend hours on this street and even catch lunch (i suggest Father's Office for the best burger EVER).
  6. I second the motion that Father's Office rocks! Love those sweet potato fries!! and the shopping can't be beat. I would also take a ride out to Malibu and look into the Malibu Country Mart at Cross Creek. There's a Madison there - one of my fave boutiqes and a James Perse as well as some other designer stores. It's a fun place to shop and you may even see some stars as well.
  7. I agree with 3pointer. Melrose has alot of chic little stores and places to eat.
  8. As everyone has mentioned previously Melrose is a great start, West Melrose which features FRED SEGAL (one of my favorites) Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Theory , DVF, ect. Also try Malibu they have a ton of great shops including Ron Herman, Planet Blue and Madison both of which have a great variety of clothes and shoes. There is also Robertson Blvd that has KITSON, INTERMIX, MADISON, MAC, LISA KLINE, ect. (also ony of my favs). Have fun shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I think Robertson Blvd is another good spot for shopping! And also there's a new chic store Opening Ceremony you might want to drop by. Also, American Rag on La Brea. Have fun!
  10. that's odd, it says that the sales are held on the last friday of each month, but october 26 is the last friday, not oct 19.

  11. Go to Robertson Blvd and 3rd St Promenade
  12. Fashion Week in L.A. is coming up and for some reason they are holding the sample sale a week early. Here's the link for upcoming sample sales. OOOhhh I may regret posting this because the sales are so busy already!

    By the way, I totally agree, Robertson & 3rd Street Promenade are my favorite streets to shop. If you go to Melrose, make sure you hit Urth Cafe, best coffee around.
  13. I love Fred Segal, Kitson, and Intuition....Ron Herman, Lisa Kline, Intermix. I love LA shopping!!
  14. Oh...go to the Elyse Walker Boutique in Pacific Palisades!