Trip to london

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  1. hello, i went to london with OH yesterday, was so excited and purchased my long lock purse in oak in mulberry store which i have been after for ages. Got one with really even grain and it is quite dark. Was amazed at how different all oak leathers were when compared.

    Its a very matt leather though. Will it get shinier with use or is there any thing i can do to make it shinier? It looks dry and not glossy compared to one on mulberry website. The postmans lock is squeeky to, is that normal?

    Went in harvey nics and harrods to look at bags and they both had champagne east west bays and mabel shoulder which was gorgeous colour. I never seen it before. Was tempted by red east west but resisted and will get oak one later.

    Have good day!
  2. Congrats on your lovely new purse! It's great to go & choose the exact one you want isn't it? I think the leather will get shinier with use, my old choc darwin little purse is really shiny. I'm less experienced with oak, but I'm sure the others will be along soon to give you more advice. In the meantime, enjoy your new mulberry :biggrin:
  3. Thanks blueberryuk, hopefully those with oak purses can help.
  4. Hi Neverdecide, congrats to your oak beauty! Have you got Colonil spray or Clark's premium leather cream? Put them on and give a good buff and leather should look more shiny. I also found that tiny spray got on the h/w helps squieky noise on my Bays once. Enjoy using her!!

    Perhaps you should change your ID too (joking)!! :smile:
  5. Lovely purse, follow ratrat's advice!
  6. Thank you. yes i have got collinil spray and have not used it on it yet so will do when have some time spare and stops raining so can go outside and do it.