Trip to LA = new clothes... what to get?

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  1. I have a trip to LA planned next month and I can think of better reason to buy some new clothes! If you were heading out there, what would you make sure to pack?!?!?!
  2. I think a cute and casual daydress and sunglasses would be nice choices!

    Weather in september here is sunny and around the 80's so keep that in mind :tup:
  3. Flip flops if you have them! I wear mine everywhere. A swimsuit would be useful, since it would be nice to hang out at the beach or even the pool at your hotel. Oh, I know this isn't clothing, but don't forget sunblock. I saw your thread in the travel section, and I want to let you know that it will probably be about 10 degrees hotter in Pasadena than SM. You should check weather reports if you can.
  4. Definitely cute dresses! I live in jersey knit dresses year round!
  5. very casual dresses, a pair of jeans, flip flops, tank tops or tshirts.
  6. This is a classic LA wardrobe. But don't forget your cool shades!
  7. I would pack casual chic stuff. Cute shorts, loose tanks, tees, cute flats or sandals, day dresses, jeans... Anything goes in LA as long as you are put together. Have fun in LA!
  8. LA is the Capitol of Casual. But what that really means is: making your expensive and best pieces look like you just threw them on. So: designer jeans, heels (sandals) cashmere, the most expensive bag you have, and lip gloss. Throw on an LQ scarf. But just don't look like you tried that hard (even thought you did, everyone does...)
  9. I love it.:P
  10. just got back from l.a. last week weather was perfect def some tanks, dresses shorts for the days and a pair at jeans at nighttime it gets a lil chilly
  11. I'm from LA-- I miss it! I would actually pack light and plan to shop in LA hehehehe.

    But bring comfy but cute flipflops, casual and light dresses, and some light cardigans for the evening.

    I'd totally recommend browsing Melrose for fun boutique shopping and a visit to Beverly Center.

    Have a great time there!
  12. Very well said!
  13. Jeans, a light sweater (for those casual evenings), a pair of nice thong style sandals (Tory Burch has a bunch of those), ballerina flats, casual tops/pretty tops that you can wear for both day and evening, bring a tote, a small bag, and sunglasses! and....Enjoy L.A.:smile: