Trip to HR LV today :)

  1. Hi everyone! I went to film festival today, and went to LV in HR :heart: Lots of

    Anyway, I still can't decide which first LV to get - I love the Azur pattern so the speedy 25 is right up there. My other choice would be the Neverfull MM - of course these aren't in stock though:nogood:

    If they had the Azur Neverfull MM out already, that would be the one for me!! The SA told me Damier will be out this fall and Azur next year spring/summer.

    I love both and I love the Azur pattern, but I don't want to end up with 2 Azurs - speedy then neverfull next year...:confused1:
    Should I just get the Mono Neverfull now then the Azur Neverfull next year?

    Or do I get the speedy azur now and mono or azur neverfull next time??

    Help please :girlsigh:

    P.s! I was beside a girl who was looking at all the different colours of Vernis cles - she told me the white one would look good on the speedy azur and held it up - I asked her if she was tpf, but she didn't hear me and I was too shy to ask again..hehehe, are you on here?? :smile: You were with a group - guy and one/two girls...

    OOOOHHHHHH......I forgot to mention I saw a girl from the Young and the Restless walking down the street in front of me!! And lastnight, Jake Gillenhall and Clive Owen!!! Star watching is funnn!!
  2. I'd get the mono neverfull for now and something azur for the spring/summer.
  3. ditto:smile:
  4. I'd get the Damier Azur Speedy first. I'm not a fan of the Neverfull, so I vote that you get that second.
  5. I like the speedy as well. It is my favorite shape! Then go from there...

  6. agree
  7. Damier azur speedy!!! it's simply gorgeous in the 25 size IMO!!! I love mine!!!
  8. I'd get the Speedy, it's so gorgeous!

    OH MY GOSH, did you see JAKE GYLLENHAAL?! :nuts:
    I absolutely LOVE him, and I'm a total Donnie Darko freak! I'm so jealous of you!
  9. I think too you should get Azur speedy first then mono never full later.
  10. I say speedy now....neverfull later. The speedy is such a classin and it makes a great "first" bag.
  11. Clive Owen :drool: lol
  12. No way! Jake's hotter :drool:

    Sorry, back to topic...
  13. I think you should get the Neverfull, and then the Speedy
  14. I would get the speedy.
  15. Azur Speedy first since you like azur pattern plus speedy is so classic.