Trip to Houston- Look what I bought, keep or return?

  1. I am in Houston for the weekend. I went to the Galleria today and I found a Silver Miror cosmetics bag! I'm surprized I found one. I bought it even though I was hesitant because I don't know what to buy to make it a wristlet. A tPFer bought a Juicy Couture bracelet or necklace and it looked great but I don't know if I'll be as lucky.

    My concern is that one of the sides has a bubble by on of the two little seams on the bottom.

    It was an impluse buy because I hadn't seen one available at a store before, but I'm concerned that I won't find something to attach to it to make it a wristlet. I also don't like the bubble.

    What do y'all think?

    I'm having trouble uploading pics. Let me try again.
  2. I cant figure out how to view the pic?:upsidedown:
  3. Keep it!

    ^^ Link to pick of bubble. The bubble is on the bottom left corner. Sorry for the bad quality of the pic. I took it with my phone camera.

    Here's a pic of the bag. It's pretty! But I'm still not sure. What would you do? I had been waiting for a Sunset Blvd in Pomme d'amour, but since they've been sold-out, I got this instead.

    1) Would you keep it if it had the bubble? Is this normal? 2) Would you keep it over the Sunset Blvd in Pomme? and 3) What if I don't find something to make it a wristlet?

    I'm sorry for the delay. I suck at uploading pics.

  5. if you're not 1000% happy with it, I'd return it. I NEVER end up keeping impulse buys.
  6. ^^ I agree, if you have any doubt.... you should return. But wait a bit and see if it grows on you and if you feel like it was a smart buy.
  7. Return it if you're not completely happy.
  8. return it if u are not happy...u got to LOVE it bcos its a lot of money...that how i look at it...when i see my LV, it put a smile on me:heart::heart::tup:
  9. Keep it, you'll love it. The mirroir line is just so gorgeous and hard to get and this pouch is so useful. It holds so much.
  10. I say return it too, I've always liked the gold cosmetic case better than the silver.
  11. Return it, if you're not 100% sure or happy. :smile:
  12. return it, if you are not 100%. in the end, you have to be happy with the product!
  13. Return it if you are not 100% in love! :yes:
  14. If you should decide to keep it, order the replacement part for the accordeon wallet from the Taiga line which is a silvertone chain. Many members, including myself, have the goldtone one from the mono/damier accordeons and love the chain. I think the silver chain from the Taiga line would coordinate perfectly with your case!
  15. The bubble would bother me big time