Trip to Houston Hermes Boutiques, any.....

  1. suggestions or ideas? This will be my first ever trip into a Hermes Boutique.....

    Hello all,

    I am new to this forum and this will be my first post....I have been reading this forum for about 2 weeks now. Actually my hubby found it b/c I told him I was in search for a Hermes bag and he was reading up on it on the computer and found this forum.

    I love reading everyone's ideas and thoughts....I feel like I can identify with all of you. However, I don't have that Birkin or Kelly bag yet.

    I was looking on line, and trying to find either a Birkin or a Kelly bag, and can't decide on which. I almost bid on one last night and decided to wait until this weekend, b/c I will possibly have a chance to go to the Houston Hermes boutique. Here are my questions:

    1. Never really touched a Hermes bag, and have a chance this weekend? Has anyone been to the Houston boutique, any tips?

    2. I am in my late 30's, stay at home mom, w/ 3 kids....don't know which would be suitable for me....A Birkin or a Kelly? What leather, and size.

    3. I am a Chanel fan, and have the classic ones that I love, but am also looking for a quality, timeless bag, and useful....that's why I was looking on line for a pre-owned one., to use and not put away like in a museum, I really take care of my purses and don't trash them.

    I've been reading alot of the threads, from stay - at -home moms, to this thread, to size of a Birkin or Kelly on different body types....I think I need to touch one physically and see what to purchase, too.

    Lastly, Hubby is supportive of all this, but he kind of mentioned that he would rather get me a really nice piece of jewelry instead? Kind of stuck...don't know what to do....but I REALLY "LOVE" this board, you all are a wealth of knowledge, and I really feel like I have a lot in common with you all. Thanks and take care!
  2. I'm new here too and have yet to purchase my first Hermes. I can tell you that the info in the top few threads (stickies) have such good info - there was also a wonderful post that someone wrote offering first timer's advice when visiting Hermes. The best advice was to get to know a Sales Associate (SA) and purchase smaller Hermes objects initially - scarves, twilly's, etc...

    Good luck!
  3. Hey welcome, NHL!!!!! Good Luck with finding your bag - what do you think you're tending towards???
  4. Welcome! I think it's def. something you need to see in person if you're this undecided. That way you can look at the leather swatches.
  5. I'm leaning more for a Birkin, but I like the Kelly, and have seen pictures here where woman are casually dressed, and look very classy with a Kelly bag. Also, it seems very hard to purchase a Birkin, and I don't know if that will ever happen. I guess my first visit will be the revealing factor.
  6. where there's a will, there's a way!!!!!:yes:
  7. Please definitely keep us updated on the visit to Hermes. Just relax and have fun:yes:
  8. Have a wonderful time! I equally love the Birkin and the Kelly and both can be dressy/casual depending on size, leather and HW.
    I love the idea of a slouchy black kelly worn with jeans, (mom uniform - I'm one, too!)
    Birkin is great beacause you can reach right into it. Kelly is great because it's a little more stramlined in shape and has a shoulder strap for when you're in a pinch. You just need both!!
  9. Welcome NewHermesLover and Jenifer927!!! Good luck on your Hermes quests and let us know if you have any questions along the way!
  10. Welcome aboard, Jenifer927!!! You're going to like it here, we have lots of knowledgeable ladies here and everyone is absolutely wonderful~
  11. Welcome NewHermesLover!! You'll love this forum and the girls are so incredibly knowledgeable!!! Please tell me when you get back from the Hermes Houston boutique all the goodies they have. Thanks!!
  12. WELCOME NewHermesLover! Glad to have you on board!!!!! Hermes is something that....well.....gets under your skin and doesn't let go!

    A trip to the store is in order for you, for sure! You will love it and you will get a nice idea of what it's all about. You may not see a Birkin sitting on the shelves though but you may see a few Kelly's and you WILL see other designs too. I say just look at all the bags for color and leather and if there are any Kelly's try them on for size. This will help a lot.

    As far as the best bag for a young Mom of 3? Probably something with a strap for those days when your hands are full AND you've got a little one or two handing onto you as well. Been there!

  13. Thanks for the GREAT, and warm welcome...posting is like going into the Hermes store for me...a little hesitant and nervous :shame: , but you all are VERY SWEET people!

    Shopmom - did you ever get a Hermes bag?? I read your thread a few months back, but didn't know if you ever got one. What do you think with the Birkin or a Kelly bag. I have a few Large Chanels, and I love them to death, but can't decide between the Kelly or Birkin. I have a 2nd chance offer,and need some opinions...I have 5 days to do this. Hubby told me to bid on something just to get it out of my system, and guess what I got a 2nd chance offer,and would like HELP!!

    Here is the link: eBay: HERMES Blk. Leather KELLY BIRKIN Handbag 35CM AUTHENTIC (item 180015759806 end time Aug-14-06 12:26:40 PDT)

    Any thoughts, I like it alot. My husband was looking with me, and he said in reality he would rather get me a nice piece of jewelry than a purse that cost this much? I'm kinda of stuck. I have many nice pieces that he has bought and I know I just want one bag to use for now? What should I do. I just told him about this purse and he already said I could get one, but is it the one I really want?

    PLEASE ANYONE< HELP!! :nuts: Going a little cookoo here :upsidedown:
  14. Welcome to the board!

    I hope you get your Kelly or Birkin soon! I love both and it really depends on your personal preference and when you actually see the bag in person!
  15. Shopmom has gotten A LOT of Hermès bags since then! :yahoo: