Trip to Hong Kong - what to Wear

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  1. So I am hoping to get your feedback on several points regarding my upcoming trip to Hong Kong at the end of March.

    • What to wear on the flight? Its going to be a 16 hour ordeal with a layover in Taipei. I have never taken a flight this long before and am not sure if jeans will be that comfortable. Any suggestions for what a guy could get away with on a flight and be stylish yet comfy?
    • What types of clothes should I bring? It will be warm but should I go for trendy casual like Alexander McQueen's McQ line, Club Monaco pieces and Marc by Marc Jacobs? Or is that overkill? I love dressing up but I am never sure if its appropriate thing to do......
    Thanks for the feedback!
  2. You can dress in any style. Lots of layering in HK. They follow Japanese style closely.
  3. ^HK style and Jap style differs quite a bit actually.. Jap has got the whole glam goth thing going on, whereas the HK style is a little more suave and a little more hip.

    You can bring your McQ pieces and Marc Jacobs stuff. Bring your gorgeous bags (have you gotten yr muse yet??) and you can do smart casual all the way.. i.e. shirts with jeans, etc... You won't be over dressed in long as you don't wear something outrageously crazy..
  4. For the long flight, I usually do jeans or some cargos. Lately, I prefer the cargo pants just becuase I can keep my passport in my pockets, a lot more convienent than the jeans.

    Do you know where you're staying in HK? I think the area really affects the way people dress too.
  5. I would dress as you would in New York. Definitely dress up if you like to do that!

    Smart Casual, Chic, Hip, Black, Gray, Good Watch, Great shoes and Nice Bags.

    On the plane I would not do jeans for that long flight. When I went to Hong Kong I wore jeans to the airport and changed into Juicy cashmere pants for in the air.

    Do you have a black "lounge pant" that you could wear? Juicy used to have the pants for men too.
  6. I have a pair of Juicy cashmere "sweat" pants as well as a pair of velvet ones. However, I do have a fun pair of cargos that may be more comfortable than jeans also -- I just can't imagine being in jeans for 16 hours of sitting and traveling!

    And thank you for the feedback on HK style -- I was thinking of taking the following:

    -A pair of dark jeans (Paper Denim bootcut)
    -Two white fitted t-shirts (AX)
    -White cord Marc Jacobs jacket (slighted fitted and really light)
    -Gucci Tote (every day carrying bag)
    -Balenciaga Weekender (when we go shopping and one day overnight trips)
    -Pair of Theory blue bermuda shorts
    -2 white fitted button down shirts (Jil Sanders and Gucci)
    -1 fitted black button shirt (Prada)
    -1 pair of black summer wool John Varvatos slacks
    -1 pair of lightweight Theory seersucker khakis
    -1 pair of Paul Smith flipflops
    -1 pair of all white Jack Purcell sneakers
    -1 pairo of brown JP Tod driving loafers
    -1 summer weight light grey cashmere sweater (Generra)
    -Navy Alexander McQueen scarf
    -Burberry swim trunks

    And that is as far as I have gotten -- sound ok so far?
  7. Yup. Sounds great to me. Bringing any belts? 1 should suffice!!
  8. I always suck when it comes to belts but I was thinking I have this really cool white belt with red stitching from Club Monaco and a cute belt actually named after me from a friend who makes accessories for a living!

  9. That looks good.

    I'm just not sure about the all white tend to walk around on the street in HK the all white might get dirty really quick!

    Also, by March time, it should be pretty warm...don't know if you cashmere and wool pants will be too warm. Make sure you have a couple more short sleeve shirts, just in case!
  10. ^hmm. yeah, you'll need more tees.. Yeah, I think you should just bring the belt along... I recently went crazy and bought a belt from Miu Miu and one from j.lindberg even though the j.lindberg one was too big for me...
  11. you most certainly are YOUNG and Fabulous...and now i see where the "broke" part comes in! just kidding. HK is a lot of fun and is teeming w/ ppl...many of whom have a good sense of will probably hang out in Lang Kwai Fong at night...expats & pubs...but getting back to my main point, are you sure you want to take so much stuff there? I would think you'd pack light to go stock up in HK! hah...but maybe that's just me. ;)

    karmita (young fabulous and extremely broke!)
  12. Hi,
    I live in HK, and it is already HOT here!! By March, it will be really warm!! I think your list sounded good, but I would pack as if you were visiting LA or Miami. If you need any restaurant recommendations or shopping recommendations...let me know!!!!
  13. don't worry about overdressing in hong kong, there are always district where you can freely be as much a fashionista as you desire without looking in central, causeway bay, admiralty, tsim sha tsui...overdressing is so not a problem. too bad you are not going during their craziest sale season....stuff go on crazy sale in lane crawford and almost all designer stores during late july/ august....but i'm sure there are always gd deals to be found in hk anyways....and there is no tax!

    btw...its really hot in HK, my friends in HK told me he never had to wear his winter jacket even once this year.....and its not yet summer so the air conditioning wouldn't be as strong, but a cover up is still recommended just in case, nothing heavy duty is needed though

    enjoy HK!
  14. btw...the stuff that you've decided to bring sounds fab! and completely appropriate in hk
    but don't bring so much, prepare to shop from there and just wear your new clothes! hehe
  15. You might want to add a few more light shirts in there b/c the weather is definitely hot and humid during that time.

    Also, maybe some handkerchief's to dab your forehead...not sure if you sweat a lot but they come in handy...

    I absolutely hated the flight b/c it was so long, so my recommendation would be to show up in jeans, but change into some lounge pants for the flight itself. You want to be as comfortable as possible...

    I thought of HK as a much more modern NY...better transportation over all...

    Have fun on your trip....