Travel Trip Suggestions for My Grandma and I


Jan 17, 2006
I'm planning on traveling with my grandma sometime in December/January. Not sure how long we would be traveling for, probably 2-3 weeks? I would like some suggestions on where to go that would be fun for both me (24) and my grandma (78). I would say no to beaches because she doesn't even own a swimsuit. Nor is she too into shopping. I think some place with lots of culture/architecture/natural scenery would be ideal. But not too in the country since my grandma has always been a city gal (one/two day trips into the country or someplace close to a city would be nice). Weather is not a problem unless it's worse than NY in the winter or if it will prohibit us from seeing the attractions.

Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks!


Sep 24, 2009
Hmm though Montreal in January would be COLDDD.

I would suggest New Orleans. There is beautiful scenery. You can take a steamboat ride down the Mississippi River. If you want to visit more natural areas there are beautiful coastal reserves about an hour away. The French Quarter would definitely give you the dose of city life! It is very cute and has many cultural and architectural attractions. You cant take a carriage ride and take in the sights. The food is great! The weather would be great that time of year too. Not too hot and not too cold!