Trip Report from a Blanc Paddy

  1. 7am PT: Woke up in cotton bag, must have air :Push:

    8am PT: Pulled out of said bag, filled wtih wallets and cell phones and
    a pretty lipstip case :flowers:

    9am PT: Popped into a cute convertible and driven really far from home :nuts:

    10am PT: Arrived at bleak office building, buybye sports car
    Listened to boring meeting, day dreamed about other paddy friends
    and sports car :yes:

    11am PT: Put to work in front of large computer and told to earn money for more
    Chloe friends :angel:

    The end.
  2. Life is about to get even more exciting, my Blanc friend! ;)
  3. This is so cute!!:flowers:
  4. She looks really cute in her own chair. And her desk is so neat!
  5. I am sure she believes in the uncluttered desk, uncluttered mind theory!
  6. What a cute story!!!!
  7. Oh your cute little blanc paddy works to earn money for new friends, what a sweetie she is..!! :biggrin: I hope she gets lots of new friends :o)
  8. :sos: The little minx had the audacity to ask to drive the convertible back home!

    I promised her a trip to Santana Row tomorrow and she is somewhat
    placated now. She can not have ANY of my sushi or sake though!! :upsidedown:
  9. You are so adorable!! Still waiting for mine...poor thing still stuck in Italy waiting for pickup! Will soon have an exciting first time trip to the USA!
  10. Is she going to Santana Row to make friends? Love the shopping there :heart:
  11. lol she looks like a natural model sitting there in her own chair. :yes: haha. wut do your co-workers say?? speakin of co-workers, when you ladies take your bags to work, do you ever get paranoid leaving it on your desk or in a room unattended?? i do! it's so bad but i guess, i just dont trust people! & i :heart: my bags so much that i would kick someone's ass if they even thought about stealing it! :yucky:
  12. Most of the time I work from home, but I had some meetings to attend
    in person today. The office Ms Lovely Blanc occupied was actually a
    "hotel space" so I never leave her behind. :heart:

    On the other hand, toting the bag with to the restroom gets tedious and
    you have to be so careful about not putting it down, or getting water on it.

    THM :idea:

    Totaly High Maintenance!!
  13. Sounds like you had a great day little pal! Stay pretty for hmwe46; you're a real beauty!:wlae:
  14. hehe...this is a cute thread. But what about Mousse and Choco? They must feel left out....oh well, you know how it goes with the baby of the family!
  15. Such a vixen, she kept whispering, "python Silverado" in my ear ALL THE WAY HOME!!! :blush: