Trinity de Cartier bracelet

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  1. Hi, I have my birthday coming up and I really wanted something yellow gold, like a simple golden bangle.
    Now I really like the Trinity bracelet (the love bracelet is too 'strong' for me).
    What do you guys think? Do you like it? Or do you have other suggestions (budget €3500), not necessarily a bracelet, I like VC&A too ;)

    Pic from eBay
  2. I love it!
  3. is the black part of it or is it that arm shape it's resting on? if it has not black (which i think is what it is) i dont think tis strong at all, quite classic everyday and simple I love it! the black on the other hand i think is too striking. VC & A have hot stuff too i would choose VC since it not as popular, but i think they are more expensive?
  4. The black part is just an armshape...would not be nice with it ;) I would go for the Alhambra VC&A, I really like that collection. But on the other hand...I really need a simple gold bracelet..
    The trinity bracelet is a rolling bracelet, like the rings.
    Here's another picture:
  5. ^ I though it was an arm rest but you never know these days (and it woudl have been really ugly with the black thing) geeze i feel like an idiot now lol. I really like it (despite the fact that i am a guy) i wouldn't wear it since I don't mix metals, but thats just a really personal thing. I dont know if your budget fits it but i really like the ring version of that bracelet with the whole w/g ring filled with pave diamonds its sooo gorgeous. and totally not in your face.there was a member whom had a VC&A gold bracelet which i also liked i thin kit was around $2000 US (don't quote me) if so you could pick up something else too.
  6. its kinda cute :smile: but i say if u love it go for it! :smile:

    happy early bday!
  7. I think if its what you love go for it, it it was me, I would go for a love bangle! I am biased, I am getting one!x Happy early birthday!x
  8. I think it's beautiful.
  9. Love it, have always loved it, get it, it's a classic and you can't go wrong!
  10. I love this bracelet. Actually I prefer the Trinity ring, but te bracelet is gorgeous too.
  11. i prefer the love bracelet..
  12. I love the trinity bracelet. Definitely more feminine and elegant (IMO) than the Love. Tricolour gold is so easy to wear, too. I say go for it! :tup:

    Do you know how much is retails for?
  13. I think it's beautiful!