Trina Turk

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. :love: :love: :love: Oh, I love the clutch!!!!
  2. I love the bags and the clothes! Thanks for posting...
  3. i looooove trina turk!
  4. The clutch is a cute (probably cheaper) alternative to the Celine Clandestine.
  5. wow these are definitely nicer than what I saw at macy*s when they were offering free scarves (or something of that nature) with any Trina Turk handbag purchase.
  6. I LIke these! Thanks for the post!!
  7. I'm not normally a clutch bag person, but this one could convert me! so cute and fun! I love the oversized and off centered clasp.
  8. That clutch is to die for
    thanks for the link
  9. very cute bags - love the clutch!
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