Trim - WITH gusset or WITHOUT?

  1. For those of you gals with the Trim bag, is yours with the gusset on the bottom or the flat version?

    And why did you select the one you did? ......just wondering is all.....

  2. mine is the flat version (i.e. original design that jackie o popularized back in the day.) why did i pick it? love at first sight! walked into the boutique, saw it in the case, tried it on & bought it. i honestly believe i was in & out of the store btwn 5-10 minutes. i've seen the gusset version in singapore international airport & thought it was "ok". she had a twilly attached to it. i just prefer my own because IMO it's a perfect blend of classic & modern. it's a 35 so imagine a large flat hobo. and since it's clemence, it naturally wraps & curves around my waist & hipbone. plus it's etoupe (very neutral color) so i get to use it all year round.
  3. I like the flat one much more, it's the original style, but apart from that, I think it looks better....JMHO...:yes: :flowers:
  4. I've been seriously looking at Trims for the past three months. I much prefer the gusset and think it's far more practical if you are carrying anything of any size. It's not going to have an unsightly bulge, and it should just hang nicely.
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  6. I have the one with the gusset. I love the way it hangs and does not get bulgy when I put my things into it.
  7. I like the gussetted Trim II for the same reasons as Sofibella!
  8. My first Hermes was a 2003 trim with toile and an olive leather that I don't even know the name of. fesdu thinks it's barenia (sp?)??? Anyway, it is gussetted and I really love it and it just smells heavenly.
  9. Sorry if its a dumb question, but what is a gusset? :shame:
  10. My current wallet is kind of bulky so I would probably go with the gusset. But either style is so beautiful. :flowers:
  11. I have several trims and all have zippers w/gusset. I have never found them to be bulky. I like the safety factor of the zipper esp. if I use it for travel. Funny, yesterday I had it hanging on a door knob and noticed that it hangs with a slim profile. I know the original Jackie O is without the zipper/gusset, but I think that once you start putting stuff in it, it has the potential to look bulkier.
  12. The leather could be chamonix. That is what they were doing with toile in colored leathers that year:idea: It has a matte finish, yet doesn't scratch badly and you can polish it back up.
  13. I have been wodering the same thing:sad: ...yeh, what is a gusset?
  14. instead of a flat "envelope" bottom, imagine an inch or so gap between the two sides. that's a gusset.
  15. They're actually the side and bottom panels, which the Trim I (older and resurrected versions) doesn't have. THe original Trims were totally flat.