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  1. Can someone give me all the sizes on Trims? I know there's a mini one, then there's a 24cm, 31cm, and 37cm. However, I was told that there's a size between 24cm and 31cm, what size is it? One SA said it's 27cm, the other SA said it's 29cm. Which one is it? TIA:flowers:
  2. mine is 35cm
  3. 35cm? So is there even a 37cm?
  4. dunno.. mine is just a 35
  5. I have a 31cm. I did see a Flat Trim on ebay (mine is a Trim 2 with gusset) and the seller measured it as 30cm - wrong. It could have been 29cm but I've never heard of a 27cm or a 29cm.
    Really, the difference in cm is SOOO slight that I wouldn't worry about it. I'd definitely go with a 31cm Trim 2 or flat Trim if you don't need as much room. It''s the perfect size and the most common.
    Sometimes I wish mine was a 35 cm, though!! I just love Trims.
  6. Thanks Greentea:flowers: I have tried on a 31cm Trim before but it looked big on me while 24cm looks small on me. I'm hoping that they have an in-between size that will suit me. I think Trim and Bolide are great work purses. With the Trim I can wear it when I'm going out at night as well.
  7. Trims come in 38cm, too.
  8. Wow - that would be HUUUGE, and heavy!
  9. No kidding, GT. I haven't seen any in stores for years, though. I don't know if they're discontinued.
  10. There was one in NYC last week. Huge. Took up the entire cubicle.
  11. ^^WOW!

    Shooooooott. Now I want another Trim in a 35cm. This place is a deliciously bad influence!
  12. Since we're talking about Trims, has anyone seen the new style they come out with? It's the one where the Trim is made in suede with fringes at the base of the bag.
  13. Elvis lives take 2.
  14. Yes, I've seen these. Not for me! LOL, OT!!
  15. There's another Trim style with chain embellishments.