Trim questions

  1. After months of lurking around the Hermes forum, I would like to enlist your help. Would anyone be so kind as to post pictures of their Trim, as well as sizes, types of leather, pricing and any other info an Hermes newbie might benefit from? Thanks to you all.
  2. Welcome!!! Trim sizes are 27cm, 31cm, 35cm - and I think there is one more. Many pics of them on ebay and our reference threads/subforum.
    Trims come in two styles, flat/or a Trim I, and the Trim II which has a gusset and holds much more. I recommend the Trim II.
    The most popular sizes for everyday are the 31cm and 35cm. A Trim 31 in Togo leather is between $3-4k.
  3. I think the other size is 24cm, which is pretty small. Ok, so there is a 27cm? That may be the size for me then ...
  4. Today I saw a trim in gold togo with palladium hardware - for $4000 plus miscellaneous dollars - just for reference - forget the size but it looked right for me and I'm 5'3" and about 110 lbs.
  5. Shoot - Kou, I'm sorry, I keep confusing 24 with 27cm. Nope, just a 24cm. SAWWY!
  6. Wah ... so there's nothing between 24cm and 31cm? :Push: I kept thinking 31cm looks big on me.
  7. My 31cm Trim I (no gusset) in Toile/Barenia combo was $3,300.00 in NYC a few months ago. Love it but next time I'll get the one with the gusset as it holds a lot more.
  8. Would anyone like to show us some pictures?
  9. I have 3 trims. All 31cm all Trim II with the zipper and gusset. Great bag for everyday and for traveling. 2 are all leather and one is chamonix leather and toile. A great starter bag if you don't have any Hermes yet.
  10. ^ diana, you are the "thread finding" queen!
  11. me too, kou...I wish there was an in-between the Evelyn, too.
  12. Donna, I asked one of the bag experts in the store, but the toile/Barenia combo is not available in the Trim II, just the Trim I.
  13. Here is my rough h trim 31 in togo. I think its a great size and don't find it big at all. It's a great bag that fits perfectly on the shoulders (with or without a coat), definitely a classic.