Trim please!

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  1. Hi everyone! I have never really considered a Trim but, lately, I am intrigued. I need a nice shoulder bag and the Trim just might do it for me.

    I definitely like big bags so I am wondering if the 31cm will be too small for me? I haven't tried on a 31cm yet so we shall see. I am considering one in clemence.

    Anyone care to share your likes/dislikes of this piece?

    Any and all photos, especially modelling photos, will be greatly appreciated!

  2. A,

    I really think you could get away with the 35cm....That's what I have, and for me it is a BIG bag....the gussets make it larger.

    I'd take modelling pics, but I am in super slouchy mode today...
  3. I think so, too! (Uhm, especially since I keep getting bigger ever week - I need a big bag! LOL!)
  4. You know...H has come out with a diaper bag...(I'm just sayin' :tup:)

    I haven't carried my bags as much with the little make sure you are thinking for the next two years ahead...
  5. The 31cm will be too small for everything you'll need to schlep around so I'd say a 35cm at the very minimal size wise. It's a great bag and I have the 31cm in Barenia.....the only thing I have found is that I still wind up taking the bag off my shoulder to find things inside. Otherwise, I love mine!!!! And, after 6 years I can still smell that Barenia!!!!
  6. Just FedEx'd a 35 was barenia with toile. It was a cute bag...I just didn't love it $3700.00 worth. I know loads of people who love the bag though. Maybe it was the combination. I think I would have loved it more...if it weren't for the canvas.
  7. A diaper bag???? Really??? OK, I must see this diaper bag! I was actually considering a 37cm Bolide as a makeshift diaper bag but am worried about the weight.
  8. Hello, A.....I've had the Trim 31 and I just am thinking.....that you would enjoy the larger size more....from what you've said before.

    The 31 is just right for me, but, then, I prefer the HAC 32 or Birkin 30:rolleyes:
  9. ^^^I love my 32cm HAC but it just barely makes the mark for as small as I am willing to go and I *do* prefer 35cm Birkins.Hmmmm....

    Back to the drawing board...
  10. I haven't seen the Hermes diaper bag, but here's my thought - diaper bags take a lot of abuse. Or at least mine did when I had little ones!

    I'd put the $$ in an Hermes handbag, and then get a very very nice diaper bag that you can look on as replaceable. And lined in plastic. It's been a few years, but I remember how much stuff one had to drag around with babies, and how little control one sometimes had over the contents. Also, I didn't want to worry about a diaper bag, I wanted to have fun with my kids!

    I just love the idea of the trim, though, because hands-free is definitely the way to go!
  11. How about a 35 cm Trim 1? Not exactly as a daiper bag but it might be perfecto as a "Mommy" bag.

    No modeling pics as I'm still on my afternoon commute.

    But like Shopmom, I still ADORE my bag after all these years. It's a Etoupe Clemence version.

    P.S. Congrats on your upcoming bundle of joy!
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