Trim II -- Another Request for Advice Thread

  1. Although I'm on a self-imposed "bag ban", I can't help myself but plan for my next bag.

    I'm thinking I need a Trim II, 31cm. I'm baffled as to what leather/colour combo though. As I've posted before, I have an Etoupe Clemence Kelly and a Rouge H Box Calf HAC. My wardrobe is mainly cool-toned: grey, blue, red, cool browns & beiges, and some black. My weekend wardrobe consists mainly of jeans (sometimes with cowboy boots :p).

    I was thinking Ebene, but have never seen an Ebene Trim.

    Any advice? :flowers:
  2. Maybe just classic black since you have coloured bags already?
  3. Ohhh, black Trims are yummy!
  4. OK, this is good. <off to do research....>

    <Add> -- Are the soft textured leathers like clemence and togo the way to go for a black Trim? Or would a particular smooth leather be nicer?
  5. I love the Trim II in clemence and togo. Something about the lack of structure in a structured just looks so great!

    How about a raisin Trim II? I saw one in San Francisco on Sunday and it was GORGEOUS!!! It was a 31cm.:smile:
  6. Either ebene or black sounds pretty. I think NM in DC had an ebene. Call and ask for Angelica.
  7. Ebene is such a great color. :yes: Oh, I saw that Raisin Trim on Saturday AL and it was tdf!!! :drool:
  8. I have a black 35 cm Trim II and find it a great everyday bag.

    What about a toile combo? Toile and Ebene or Black...Toile and Barenia...Toile and Gold?
  9. Love the idea of a raisin Trim. I have one in blue jean/pall. togo and think it goes with everything. Espec. good as a weekend bag.
  10. I love it in Blue Jean, too! Ebene is also a fave!
  11. Graphite, Gris or Black Trim? GT might be too close to Etoupe :biggrin:

    Here are some visuals credits: LZ and they used to have the graphite but I think that's sold.

  12. I have an ebene clemence Trim II and just love it as a weekend bag. I find it a little dark for this time of year in the very hot and humid part of Alaska that I live in, so I've been considering getting either a gold or a barenia/toile one to rotate it with, just like Q'sMom has suggested. I like the idea of a raisin Trim. . . I bet that's just yummy!
  13. After seeing (finally) Perja's Raisin Massai, I'm really liking the look of Raisin too.

  14. Raisin is great!

    (still high on the bag fumes :biggrin: )