Trim I vs Trim 2

  1. Hi Ladies,
    I need some advice regarding the trim bag.
    Size 31 with and without the Gusset (that's what I thought they are...)and those ladies that have the additional 8cm width. How you like it?

    Those without, how the bag hold up when it is full?

    I am thinking no girl will complain too much space in her bag... right? So the addition gusset might be a blessing?

    Thanks for any advice :flower:
  2. I have the Trim I in Toile/Barenia and I have the Trim II in all Barenia. I love the Trim II because of the gusset and the zipper (though I never use it!) and because it holds more.

    I use the Trim I without the gusset and zipper as a grab-n-go bag in the Spring/Summer. Something I can toss just my essentials in...cell, keys, wallet, checkbook. I do wish I had bought this exact bag in the Trim II version!!!!!
  3. I have to say...for many people the 31 cm is the prfect size especially with the gusset. I have a 35 cm II ( not 37cm) and I find it to be too much bag for me somedays. It is very deep and since I don't carry a ton of things I have to dig deeply to get things out. Since it is a softer bag, things tend to get disorganized pretty quickly.

    I don't bother with the zipper either. It's a pretty useless point to the bag unless you really want piece of mind type of security. No one will be able to pick pockt a 35cm me!!!:nuts:

    I am getting a Trim I 31 cm sometime in the near future...depends if DH gets the hint before the SO goes in....I can't wait!
  4. Thanks for the reply, I am worried about the Trim I without the gusset, it looks good but I am worried if it is too small...
    I have my Coach black hobo today and I have my Agenda, Clutch, wallet, cellphone, key pouch, checkbook, tamagotchis (9 of them!) and it's filled to the brim.
    Measurements: L 24cm x H 20cm x D 5.5cm - so you think the 31cm with the gusset is a good fit ? *Justifying myself here*
  5. I am not familar with the Coach Hobo...I am assuming it does not have a gusset. How tall are you? Do you want to be able to carry more than you do now?

    If you are petitie and do not want to carry more than you do now, than the 31cm with gusset should be more than enough bag.
  6. Shopmom:
    Is the Trim I shorter than the Trim II? I have a feeling that the Trim II is slightly longer ... I am petite (just barely 5ft) am worried it's abit too long for me.
  7. PRINCESS....

    I just took both bags out and held them against each other and they are the same. BUT, the Barenia Trim II sits a little lower and I THINK it's because it just sags a little with the weight on my stuff. But, I think the 31cm Trim II will be just right for your frame.
  8. shopmom: You are so sweet. Thank so much for doing the experiment! :flowers::flowers:
  9. I have a 35 Trim with gusset, no zipper. I always loved big bags, but this is just too large for me. I SO'd this and felt I could not refuse it.
  10. Princessfrog, I feel the Trim I is the prettier of the two. It is slimmer....I wish it had a zipper, tho and that's the main reason I have not purchased it.

    I don't care for the bulkiness and gussets on the Trim II and like how Trim I fits up nicely under the arm right next to me when I try it on.

    Neither bag is lined, if that makes a difference?
  11. Quinn's mom, I just saw this post.. somehow I missed it!

    I am lemming for the Trim II in 31cm :biggrin: something as an everyday bag. I saw a couple on LZ website :p
  12. I also feel the Trim I looks prettier..

    Ohh I was looking at chameleon liner.. I think the small would fit it perfectly :supacool:

    hahahhaaa :p
  13. Anyone who owns a LV Manhattan PM and a TrimII?

    Can you fit the same amount of stuff in or more??

    I seems to be running out of space in the Manhattan .. so I wonder if the Trim II can fit more stuff..

  14. Princess,i had the LV Manhattan PM and have the trim II 35, and i can fit def. more in the trim!
  15. Oh MissMarbella, thanks so much for replying :flowers:

    I think the trimII 35 is really big in comparision to the Trim II 31. Do you feel the 31 should be able to fit more too? :smile: