Trim crinoline???

  1. Dear Ladies,

    today i visited my Hermes shop to have a look for xmas presents-yes,xmas is coming!!!!:smile:-
    i selected some goodies for my parents and DH...and of course i got tempted!!!:yes:
    i saw a catalogue with trim 38cm black barenia and crinoline!!!
    oh my!!!it was stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i am wondering who has experience with is easy to clean,how does it age etc...
    i would be so greatful for your help!!!!
    my second choice was the trim 38 black togo with GHW...i am in love with big bags:graucho:
  2. ^
    Gorgeous and so classic! I only know that you have to be careful not to snag it with a ring or something like that. Hermes can clean the crinoline very well, as they do the toile.
    I don't think I've ever held a 38cm Trim. I have a great 31cm but have always wanted a 35cm for travel. The 31 is fine for me but I'm often carrying my kids' stuff, too!
  3. ^ I think that's the bag SP was mentioning - I ADORE that bag!!!!!!!!!!! Black Barenia and Crin.....droooooooollllllll!!!!!!
  4. MissMarbella, I have a Trim 31cm in barenia ebene/crinoline & I :heart: it! One thing I noticed when I first got this bag was how light it was as compared to a Trim 31cm in Clemence. So I think the barenia/crinoline combo would be an excellent choice for a bigger Trim 38cm! :idea:

    I haven't own the bag for long so I can't comment on the aging factor of crinoline. But I do find the matching tone crinoline very easy to maintain. Agree with Greentea to be a little extra careful not to snag with a ring & you'll be fine! HTH! :flowers:
  5. Thanks Ladies for the info!
  6. missmarbella, I have a black barenia/crinolin Birkin. I adore it, but do worry about how the crinolin will hold up with time. It seems kind of fragile. I am super-careful with my bags, and it does have a few broken strands near the edges. I don't think this is easily fixable. Still, it is a beautiful and lightweight bag. Since the crinoline is black, I don't worry about cleaning it. Hope this helps!
  7. Thanks Pepper,
    unfortunately they sold the trim crinoline in france before i could get it to spain:crybaby:
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