Trim color - is it my imagination?

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  1. Why does the redish brown trim on some of the new bags pictured on Elux look A LOT redder than the trim on my bags (all which were puchased at Saks or LV store).

    I am guessing that this changes colors along with the vachetta or am I crazy?
  2. I wouldn't judge the true colors of the items by the photos on the Elux website. They are more natural in person.
  3. I agree about the pics looking different from the bag in person.. Don't worry, if you bought your bag as Saks or an LV store then they are real!
  4. jazzy, are you referring to the edge color on the vachetta of Mono bags?
  5. Yes, Addy: I am referring to trim on monogram vachetta.

    Just for clarification, I wasn't questioning the authenticity of my bags. What I AM wondering is if the reddish-brown trim changes colors as the vachetta naturally ages or if the trim a bit differently colored than when I got my bags?
  6. Maybe your computer screen colors are off? The trims on elux on my computer screen look brown and not red.
  7. May be. When I look at this photo, the edge of the handle looks reddish to me or at least a bit more "red" than my bags with aged patina. Or maybe it is because the darker tinted vachetta gives a different edge appearance.

    Anywho... thanks for your posts:smile:
  8. All of my bags have the reddish brown trim eccept for my recital wich is more of an orangy red. I know they are all real because they were all purchased from LV boutique. Does LV use different die on different bags.
  9. As far as I know, the trim color has brightened a bit over the past years