Trim and Constance on Bluefly

  1. They have a Trim and a Constance for sale on Bluefly-:wtf:I know they have GP and other bags but I didn't know they carried these two! Am I the only one that didn't know this?
  2. They had Birkins before if I remember correctly. I think they get Hermes bags from time to time.
  3. Yes, they did have a few Birkins recently,... I wonder if any of them were purchased by members... and if so.. were they pleased?
    The good thing about Bluefly is that you can send anything back if need be.
    That's comforting with all the concerns about authenticity, etc...
  4. wow! what kind of birkins were they?
    i would never have thought they would ever get them.
  5. I have purchased a few Hermes bags over the past year from Bluefly. They were all authentic but dated not recently. The Birkins I bought were travel ones. I never saw any others but I don't watch Bluefly everyday. My friend happen to tell me about the travel ones. She nailed one for me plus with a coupon extra 10% off. I stayed up 24 hours and did manage another. They weigh a ton (50cm). I would never have bought them retail. Other bags were fun and young for my grandaughter, 17 yrs. old.Her mom was less then thrilled but I gave her two 35cm BNIB crocs so she couldn't say a word. They were two big for me.