Trim Advice ..............

  1. Okay. I need a trim. I need a low profile easy shoulder bag. Of course I cant buy anything but Hermes so whats a girl to do? The trim is the only option. I value your feedback so the question is:

    What do you prefer, the flat trim or the gusseted trim and why? (i know that Hermes isnt currently producing the flat but there are some used ones here and there that look appelaing)
  2. I like the gusset, and it's a space issue with me.
  3. Get the gusset. Absolutely. You'll want the extra space.
  4. gusset.

    I have been thinking of a trim and I wish I could get a barenia trim. that is what I really want.
  5. Go for the gusset! Plus it has the zipper which makes it safer. Better for travel too.
  6. I agree...I love mine with tthe gusset because i can throw in a few extra things if i need to.
  7. Would recommend the the 32 cm with gusset. But if you get into Trims you may want to experiment with others.
    I have a flat Trim 35 in Clemence and it sort of wraps around your body, if not too much stuff in bag. This flat one has a zipper, BTW.
  8. I like the gusset. I like a bag to stand up when I put it down.
  9. I love my 35 Trim with the Gusset, very easy to use.
  10. I love mine but I have the flat version. I don't really carry that much stuff and adore how it wraps around my body. Very chic and hip if you ask me.
  11. I have a 31 cm flat trim and I love it. Best bag ever!
    I don't carry a lot of stuff, so it works for me--if you carry a fuller bag, then the gusseted one is probably a better choice.

    There is also another style, I can't remember the name of it, that is gusset--hobo ish and really pretty, you might want to check that one out too. Its very modern and cool (its not the massai)
  12. Wish i could help you but you know i don't have any experience with the trim...but I look forward to seeing your new one soon! :smile:

  13. i am considering the black flat 35 on the luxury zurich site. thoughts?
  14. i like the gusset. more space... hence more uses?
  15. I like the gusset.