trim 35 II crinolin and barenia

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  1. My DH got me a trim 35 in dark crinolin and barenia natural. I love it!!!! It's here packed next to me, but I will only be able to open it when we will celebrate next week end:tender:

    I cant' wait to see it again (we were together when he got it):heart:

    I also got an indian twill for me (in brown) and an orange one for DH:yes:
  2. :yahoo: Congrats!!!! Sounds gorgeous! :nuts:
  3. Oh, special event? Congratulations whatever the occasion!!!! I know how much you love the smell of veau rodeo, how do you like the smell of barenia?
  4. HG, the occasion is.... our wedding!!!:smile:
    We live together and have a doughter, so I always call him DH, but actually we will get married only on nov 17:heart:
    He wanted to buy me a kelly, but as soon as I saw the crinoline trim, I realized I had to have it!
    HG you are always so dear!
  5. ^^^OMG! Aaawww! Congratulations, Costa!!! I'm getting misty eyed over here. Who doesn't love a wedding!
  6. :blush:
  7. Sweet!
  8. congrats... on the wedding and also having a lovely bag to commemorate the occassion
  9. costa, congrats on the wedding and the bag. :smile:
  10. Congratulations! What a beautiful wedding gift from DH!
  11. A wedding and a lovely gift as well! Congratulations!
  12. Congrats on your wedding and a great wedding gift Costa:drinkup:!
  13. Congratulations on your wedding and your bag, costa!!! :drinkup:It's a perfect wedding gift. Barenia and Crinoline combo. WOW ... :nuts:
  14. Sounds fab!
  15. Oh congrats... that is so sweet! It must be killing you not being able to unpack it!