Trigger Snap Keyfob

  1. You know, it's really sad that I'm looking again since I'm on ban. I'm just trying to educate myself, right? RIGHT???

    That's right! So, I have a question about the Trigger Snap Keyfob. I'd like something to attach to the keyring inside of my Ergo so that my keys aren't burried in my bag. I really like the silver one that's on the website...but I'm not exactly sure how it works? And I know that makes me sound totally stupid. Does that snap part release the keyring so I could just snap it around the ring inside my bag, then the clip part goes around my keys? Any chance these things are out the outlet?
  2. I have one in black and attach the trigger part to the small loop in your bag.
  3. I saw 2 at the outlet yesterday, I wanted to get one but DH would really look at me crazy for "needing" a coach keychain to hold a coach keychain in my coach bag ;)
  4. Not crazy!! I'd say more like "in style"!!! I'm planning an outlet trip with my grandparents so I'm hoping to pick up some goodies when we go. Hopefully one of those will be there!
  5. I have the black/brass it snaps onto the loop inside your makes. Very easy to put it in and take it out. The keys stay on the trigger snap keyfob, not comes off.
    They are at the outlets, the brass ones, 24 bucks.
  6. Trigger snap keyrings are the best! When I worked at Coach I bought one in every color. If you get the "men's" style (the black and the mahogany), you can open up the snap part and switch around keys if you want. The "women's" colors don't do that. They had several in brass at the Lahaska, PA outlet about a month or so ago.:tup:
  7. I really need to pick up one of these. Seems like it would make digging for my keys a whole lot easier. ;)
  8. Personally, I've never been able to understand why all of Coach's keyfobs don't come with a trigger attachment. It seems like it would make sense for them to, since all of the bags come with the key loop!
  9. I bought a nickle trigger snap on eBay and attached it to my cute lucky Coach keychain. The trigger snap coach ones just aren't that cute

    Like this:

    eBay seller was collectorsdice and he was such a nice seller, it was under 5 bucks

    I know you can get them at craft stores too

    I'll take a pic of my keychain with it on it later
  10. thanks court! Im gunna check him out.
  11. I have been complaining about that forever! I took apart a letter charm (didn't like the colors) and I use that clasp to hook my keychain inside my purse.

  12. Sorry,this is so O/T but that avatar is hilarious! SQUISH!!

  13. I have the trigger snap keyfob in pink with nickel hardware and I LOVE it. I can attach it to the inside of my purse, of course, then when I carry in groceries I can attach it to the belt loop of my jeans. It's the best, I'm so glad I decided to get it. I got mine at the outlets. Everytime I go I see one in some kind of color combo. :smile:
  14. here's the pics of mine that I attached the trigger snap to (pardon Gracie's whiskers and nose in the one pic, she HAD to know what on earth I was doing)

  15. I really need to get to the craft store and get some of those. The ring on the keyfob is soo hard to attach to a bag!