Trigger or Howard St?

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  1. I'm actually new to this forum and I've recently started to really like Botkier handbags! I recently bought my first Logan Satchel in Navy and I've been loving it! I plan to purchase my second bag but I'm torn between the Trigger Medium Satchel or the Howard St Satchel? I know the Trigger has been a classic for a long time. Does everyone still love it? Should I go with the new collection or the old classic? I was also wondering if people think the Logan Satchel look a bit similar to the Howard? Any feedback would be great! Thanks!
  2. :biggrin:
    Hmmmm.... Trigger and Howard St. are totally different bags. That all really depends if you want to go with the classic look with the Trigger or the more fun look with the Howard St. I like the Logan but it's too big for me. The side pockets are a plus on the Logan but definitely prefer the look of the Howard St.

    Good luck. :biggrin:
  3. Thanks...that's why it's been hard for me to choose! LOL! The two does have different looks but one is an older style and one is new. The Logan is one of the biggest bags I carry but the leather is so buttery soft it's all worth it! =) Thanks for your thoughts Miss YVR! I guess we're in the same city!!
  4. You bet we're in the same city. :biggrin:

    Can't wait for your reveal.
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    I have both the Trigger(in fact I have 2 in different colors) and the Logan. Since I have many handbags at the moment, I wouldn't buy the Howard satchel because I somehow feel the shape is similar to Logan.

    I have the Trigger in black and acid yellow, and I've been carrying my black trigger and it is really the most organized bag among all the bags that I own. The 3 compartments make my busy work life way easier than with those bags that do not have enough pockets/compartments to organize my stuffs. I got the black trigger pre-owned only because I couldn't find a new one anywhere, but it is holding up really well, I absolutely love it! And since it is so classic, I'm sure I will never have to "retire" it.
  6. Me carrying the black Trigger

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  7. This is so helpful...THANKS TEJAVA!!! Botkier has the Trigger selling on their website again so I was happy I had the option! Thanks for your opinion....I was thinking the Logan looks a bit similar to the Howard too! I'm sold on the Trigger! Can't wait to get it now. Thanks again for posting up pics too! :biggrin::biggrin:
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  9. I LOVE IT tejava! Botkier only has the Trigger Medium Satchel available in the Black so that's what I ordered! YES! I'll be posting pics after I receive it! Thanks again!
  10. I'm sure you will love it because it's so versatile and organized, with the right amount of zippers and tassels. I carry the black a lot more often than the acid yellow because black is practically stain proof you know! :P
  11. A point well made! I'm glad I got the black then! Now I'm getting really anxious! LOL! :yahoo::yahoo:
  12. Found a picture of my boy with the black trigger~

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  13. LOL! What a handsome boy! Love the bag too. :biggrin:
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  15. Your little boy is too CUTE! The more I look at Trigger..the more I LOVE IT! Thanks for posting all the pics!!