Trifold wallet vs zip around?

  1. Does anyone have both that they could compare - I don't need pics (they have them online @ lp) but opinions would be great!

    I have a dylan zip around wallet and a croco zip around so I know what those are like but I'm kind of interested in a trifold... it seems to have more cc slots?
  2. I only have zip arounds which I love. Sorry I am no help!
  3. I have a zip around that I love, which is odd for me because I normally don't like zip around wallets. Anyway, I did have a Dylan Trifold, but I returned it. Something about it wasn't quite right for me. I think I just like the looks of the zip around better. The trifold was a little too non-structured for a wallet to me.
  4. ^^Same here. I actually prefer the Coach accordian zip wallets because they have plenty of credit card slots, compartments, and pockets. I frequently carry just my wallet and have always felt that a zipper would keep my things more secure than a snap or magnet. :shrugs:
  5. Thanks everyone!
  6. I ordered a tri-fold and it's supposed to be delivered tomorrow! I've never used a zip around wallet, have always had tri-folds, so I expect that I will like it! I ordered it instead of the zip around because it has more credit card slots (based on the pics) and I carry a lot of different cards.
  7. I just received my first LP today. It is the Dylan Zip Around. I like it because, if I don't want to carry my whole purse, I can put my phone in it and have everything that I need. It's like a small clutch. It even has a strap.
  8. Great wallet piosavsfan. I love the color. Congratulations
  9. beautiful!!!!!