Trifoglio (green) or Mughetto (pink)?

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Mughetto or Trifoglio mini bow bag?

  1. Mughetto (pink)

  2. Trifoglio (green)

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hmmm somehow the pictures aren't coming up in the post. Edited to include direct links to pictures!
  2. Hard decision! Two very beautiful colours! I could easily use both as perfect spring colours myself:graucho:

    Depending on what colours you use to wear I think you should choose the one that´s fit the rest of your closet and bags - if you have most neutral bags choose the green one, if you have much colours already pick the mughetto..

    After all I think the mini bow goes better in mughetto and the regular bow as green, so I vote for mughetto!:biggrin:
  3. I actually really like the green..... But to consider it on a long term, mughetto suits the bow more!

    Good luck!
  4. My vote is green. If it had silver hardware, I would buy it for myself!:smile:
  5. Thats a hard decision, but i vote for trifoglio. I think you can always get mughetto and its more common... The green one is so special and different. I`m so in love with trifoglio!
  6. Another vote for Trifoglio....!!!
  7. I´d go with Trifoglio!
    It´s such a great green.
  8. Gahhh you guys! Equal votes for both, ha ha! Well, the Mughetto was sold out so I went with the Trifoglio - I will post pictures soon!
  9. Yeah claypot! Post pics ASAP!!! ;D
  10. I voted Trifoglio!! Yeah pls share some pics :woohoo:
  11. where did you get it? cool! Post pictures!!!! I wish they made Trifoglio a little bitt darker and with silver hardware, that would be heaven for me...I saw this YSL from resort that's a bit darker...I love it!