Tried to order patent pleated Ergo satchel

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  1. HI.
    I went to the Coach store today (one of the flagship stores) to order the tan patent pleated Ergo satchel and the SA told me that there were only 3 listed in the system so I wouldn't be able to order this until later. She said the same was true for the other colors. Have others been able to order one of these this weekend?
  2. Oh wow.. I know if there are less than 5 in the system you can't order them through a store but you can call JAX and place the order yourself. HTH! :tup:
  3. I didn't but did you try to call CS instead?
  4. I didn't call the CS myself because I have a $50 coupon and wasn't sure that they would let me use it. Also, I was hoping to ship the bag to that store for pickup later as sometimes delivery to my home is difficult as there is nobody who can sign for it.
  5. Wow! That's crazy! :wtf:
  6. Yeah I'm not too surprised, I knew these satchels would sell out fast... hopefully you'll be able to snag one!
  7. IMO order it from CS tonight, have it overnighted to a store, many have said they would do this for free?

    THen when you go pick it up have them (hopefully the same SA that tried to place your original order) return it and resell it with the coupon!
  8. I was at a Coach store today and purchased the navy patent satchel. After I ordered (with my $50) coupon, I had the SA look up how many were left. As of 2:40 pm, there were 10 navy left. I was shocked and soooo glad I ran across the bag on this forum and decided to get it sooner rather than later. Good luck!
  9. How many of each color did they make alltogether?
  10. Wow! I was able to order the navy this afternoon but the guy told me there were only 10 left in the system. He did mention that the they couldn't order the tan. Now I'm going to be sooo nervous until I actually get shipping confirmation!

    I wonder how these are selling out so quickly when they aren't even in stores yet. Is it just the power of tpf and employee word of mouth?
  11. I was there just after 3 pm (eastern time) and they told me there were 10 left too. Ack!
  12. They are out of both the tan and white at this point. There were 80 burnt orange as of yesterday, and not sure about stock on all the others. But there will still be bags to hit all the stores at the end of April.
  13. Well I just returned the Pink patent to Brandon, FL today if anyone wants one!
  14. WOW! I agree, the Power of tPF is depleting the stock on these Pleated Ergos!:tup:
  15. Wow!!! I hope you get one! That is crazy, and they aren't even in the stores yet!