Tried to defend authentic LV bags.....I got squashed!!

  1. WEll, here's the story:

    Yesterday I'm at my Mom's house and some of her friends are there. So in walks this woman with a long fur coat and LV Trocadero?? bag. So, here's was real and she knows mine was real so we start talking LV.

    My mom's other friends say to us...."oh we buy ours on the corner in New York"!!:wtf: :wtf: :wtf:

    So, I say to myself....I can't let this I say you know, these fakes are tied to all sorts of criminal activity including terrorism.

    Oh my God, they came down on me so hard! Saying, "are you crazy, the fakes are made in China and China has nothing to do with terrorism" And, "your nuts if you think that". "We're tired of hearing everything has to do with terrorism, there made in China"

    Well, of course, after being attacked like that, I just shut up and figured hey, as long as my bags are real and I love them then who cares?? But then they were just giving me dirty looks for the rest of the day????

    I was just trying to enlighten and I got dumped on.
  2. They are just trying to justify their illegal behaviour. You are completely right.
  3. Hey guys, if anyone has ever come across a story about this please post the link to it here so I can show these buggers!!
  4. I have this problem all the time, when I tell people about terrorism!!!
    btw love your manhattan, looks beautyfull on you!!!

    How illicit labels may fund terror - National -
    This is an article I looked up a few weeks ago when people made fun of my stories
  5. ^ to make them feel better about their fakes..
  6. I know, your all right, but they really yelled at me that I was stupid!! I couldn't believe it, nice people too, really! And they just FREAKED OUT when I said it.
  7. these sort of people are so not worth the bother! :rolleyes:
  8. People get really defensive when they know they are in the wrong. The type of person who gets really defensive about a fake means (to me) that they WANT a real but won't/can't purchase one.
    The person that gleefully announces to the world that their bag is fake and doesn't care if yours is real or not is a whole 'nother bird.

  9. Thank you, thank you for the article!! And thanks for the compliment too!
  10. Wow, I'm sorry that happened to you Traci. But I applaud you for standing up for what you believe in!!!:flowers: You had every right to bring up why we shouldn't support fakes to these ladies. I know there was a nice ad in the Feb edition of Harpers Bazar I think. Also here is an article for you...
    Harper's Bazaar - The Human Cost Of Fakes
  11. at least you tried..Rebecca mentioned before that harper's Bazaar writes something about fakes once a year, maybe when that comes out, you can show them next time! Maybe that'll open their eyes up.

    ot..what does ITA stand for?! I can't figure it out! hahaha
  12. just ignore them.. Their a bunch of losers! lol!
  13. aww.. poor sweetie! YAY for you for saying something about it because I think a lot of people have too lax an attitude about fakes. Not saying anything is like going along with it.

    I'm sorry they wouldn't hear anything you had to say though! It's true what the ladies have said.. ITA with Nola and bagsnbags where they're highly defensive because I think deep inside they know you're right and that they shouldn't be supporting illegal activity like that.. but freaking out and justifying it is the only way they can live with themselves.. KWIM?

    oh and jill.. btw.. ITA = I totally agree! :biggrin:
  14. Thanks guys, I feel better about it now. I was just saying my piece...but man, I couldn't believe how they freaked out....I am not exaggerating!