Tried on the MbyMJ Turn-lock hobo yesterday...

  1. I really, really love it. I think I would have bought it right then and there but it has a magnetic top closure. My purses are always dumping over so I really prefer a zipped top. :crybaby:

    Nordstrom (Tysons Corner Center) had it in Cordovan and it was GORGEOUS.

    I really wanted to see the Leather Satchel but they didn't have any yet.
  2. I had the turnlock hobo in chalk, and the couple of times I used it (it also had a magnetic closure) I never had a problem. It's a deep enough bag where nothing would fall out. My new F07 turnlock hobo in black should be here tomorrow!
  3. I had that same concern as I ordered my MbMJ Faridah turnlock hobo in Stone (from Zappos). But, the bag met all my other requirements...I wanted a bag that was large, had outside pockets, inside pockets, a zip top, and feet. I received mine late last week, and I love it! I've had absolutely no problems with spillage. I think it's because the bag is so unstructured that it doesn't tip over to allow anything to spill out. Also, because of the floppiness, the top flops over, so it never gapes open, hence no spillage. I love this bag so much....I'm really glad I bought it. Good luck with your decision!

  4. I can't decide if I want to get the turnlock teri, heidi, or the posh saddle :confused1:
  5. trust me =) its worth it. i have it in chalk too and i'm the kind of person where a double zip AND a magnetic close top would be ideal... i carry my life and a half in my bags.

    it won't spill... its really deep and seirously i've knocked my bag over many times and nothing falls out.
  6. I also saw the turnlock hobo in Cordovan at Nordies. I loved it but I decided to behave myself so I didn't buy it. Now I want to run back and get it...
  7. Hmmmm - maybe I will ask for the Cordovan bag for my birthday. :smile:
  8. ^^ Haha... I always tend to screw myself with the whole birthday thing... getting my bday presents 2 months in advance ... hehehe