tried on my first kelly!!! and a funny story...

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  1. omg, i just had so much fun at a certain undisclosed H boutique! my DH and i are traveling for a few days, and stopped in to buy a pochette i wanted (the hola! flamenco in white/black), and they had.....a potiron kelly with GH! first time i've actually seen a kelly in a boutique that i could go play with :yahoo: (since i too live near that boutique in alaska that never has anything)

    aaaanyway. so i look at it, and i ask to see it, and i say "it's a 32, right?" SA says yes. he pulls it out of the case, and i'm checking her out - she's clemence retourne (that's the relaxed style, yes?). so, i say "it's clemence, right?" SA says "i think it's, tag says clemence - you're right." i look inside...."is that chevre lining?" SA says "let me check...yep, that's goatskin. you are GOOD!"

    tee hee!!! i was so proud of myself! of course, it's all because of you guys....but he didn't know that ;)

    and i have to say, that was one hard bag to let go.....she was just beyond gorgeous. looked fabulous on me too, if i do say so myself ;) i think 32 is the right size for me. and even though i always thought i was a sellier girl, the retourne was soooo great IRL. she had that little "hip slouch" going.....god, she was pretty!

    sigh.....i wish i could go play with her again.....

    :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

    anyway, that's my story....and if i gush about it any more to DH, he's going to get a separate hotel room, i think - so i had to come here & share!

    hope everyone's having a great week!
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  2. Isn't it great what we pick out from the Ladies on this forum! It's so great to walk into H and actually know the products and to be able to fully appreciate them all.
  3. What a cute story! I love it how SA had to go and check the tags in order to aswer you but you knew right away!!!:nuts: YAY for tPF and all the H knowledge we acquire on here!!!
    *Maybe if you gush to your DH a little more, he'll go and get it for you!!!*:graucho:
  4. Very Cute story!!!
  5. *THUD* 32 Clemence must not tell me such things when I am broke Shopping!!!! :sweatdrop: Oh dreamy dream Kelly!!!

    :yahoo: Congrats on a great H day!!!!
  6. oooooooooo, shoppingismycard i've been eyeing that pochette! white background, black dress, red dots? beautiful! you've got to post a pic when you get back!
    did the SA seem surprised that you put the kelly back down again? how tall are you?
    fun fun, so glad you shared! we need to know these things you know! lol
  7. Priceless!!!! Love that story!
  8. oh you guys have no idea how hard that beauty was to put's almost a shame i've taught DH so much about way i could sneak it past him, i'm afraid. :graucho:

    hiheels - yep, that's the pochette! it's so cute - i'll def. post pics when i'm back :smile: i think the SA was thinking i'd take it - he was talking about how to store clemence to keep it structured, and he said "i'll show you what i mean when we get out the box." :crybaby:

    i'm 5'8", by the way, and about a size 12/14, so not a petite girl ;) the 32 was perfect on me, though i do think i could pull off the 35. but the 32 was love :smile:
  9. 32 is :heart: ...definitely!!! Makes me wanna strap on some snowshoes and go take a peek. ;)
  10. Get the knee pads going and maybe hubby will let you head back to the store!

    Loved the story...really did.
  11. snowshoes needed where i am....i'm on vacation from the alaskan tundra :roflmfao:

    she's gorgeous....she had such a little attidude, with that hip slouch going....just too cute for words!
  12. don't think i have kneepads thick enough for this one. i'm working on a white clic-clac, but that kelly would take more out of me than i can imagine :roflmfao:
  13. Dear Ms. SMC:

    WHAT a well-power!!! Would you have let it go if your DH was NOT tagging along???

    I sure the right one will come again but next time, SHOP ALONE!!!

  14. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  15. What a great story; lucky you!!
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